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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide // Mother/Grandmother

Hey there, friends! I haven't done a gift guide in a hot minute and I apologize. This time of year is so busy that time literally got away from me. I have received so many messages from ya'll letting me know how much you are loving the gift guides and this is awesome! These guides take a long time so I am so glad ya'll are enjoying them. It is so fun looking for gift ideas and it helps me finish my Christmas shopping!

Today's gift guide is going to focus on those very special women in your life...your mother, grandmother, aunt, etc. Any of these gifts would be great for those ladies. When I create these gift guides I try to make them as personalized as I can. I don't want to just link a bunch of "crap." I want to find unique gifts that maybe you wouldn't think about getting. So I really hope you enjoy this gift guide and I hope it helps make your holiday shopping a little easier. ;)

As always, I have 9 top items that I will describe below and additional gift ideas at the bottom. Just click on the item to shop. Check out my other holiday gift guides here. 

1.) Child's Drawing Wooden Wall Art- This is the coolest gift ever! Send the owner an email with a photo your child drew and have it made into wooden wall art. Love this!

2.) Tory Burch Earrings- These are a classic earring that will never go out of style. Best part is they are on major sale!

3.) Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw Blanket- I have this blanket and it is by far my favorite.

4.) Personalized Birthstone Necklace- Get your mother/grandmother children's birthstone and initial on a necklace. Love this one!

5.) Personalized Recipe Cutting Board- Ok how cool is this?! Get your mother/grandmother's favoite recipe engraved on a cutting board! Love this!

6.) Kitchenaid Mixer- I think every mom wants this! It's on major sale!

7.) Shark Robot Vacuum- Again, every mom's dream come true! Lol. On major sale!

8.) T3 Hair Dryer- Ya'll have heard me rave about this brand! It is the best! This is the lowest I have seen this hair dryer on sale!

9.) Initial Wine Glasses- These are my favorite wine glasses. I love how you can personalize them.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Target Try On // Episode 3

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! It doesn't seem like it should be Thanksgiving already but it is here! I am ready to eat all the food. Ha! We are having a very small Thanksgiving with my mom and I love it! These are the best Thanksgivings when you can stay home, spend time with the ones you love, and wear your comfiest clothes. Oh and get to shop all the sales that are going on of course!

I asked ya'll last week which retailers you would like to see a try on come from and I had SO many request, but Old Navy and Target won by a landslide. I already uploaded the Old Navy try on and shared that with ya'll in my stories yesterday. I just added in the new try on with the Old, Old Navy try on from a few weeks ago. Old Navy is still having 50% off their entire site so definitely make sure to check that one out.

As of today, November 22, Target has a lot of their sweaters for only $10! Crazy! I knew this going in so I made sure to try on a variety of sweaters. For size reference, I wear a XS/S in tops and 25/0 in bottoms. As always, thank you for using my links and supporting me!

This was by far my fav and definitely came home with me. It is so comfy and long enough for leggings. 

LOVED this sweater! I am definitely ordering today. 

This sweater is so pretty! Love the color for winter. 

Obsessed with this sweater! Love the fit and how comfy it is. 

I wish this one was a little longer but still pretty. Love the scallop detail on the bottom. 

This sweater is so soft and love the sleeves. 

SUPER soft! Love the color for the holidays. 

Same sweater but in red. 

Obsessed! The sweater dress is so flattering and comfy and can we talk about this vest! 

I have found the prettiest holiday dress ever! So flattering! 

How CUTE are these pjs?! Love! 

The softest pullover ever. I love this one! 

Same pullover is navy.

Ok I am obsessed with this coat but they didn't have my size. I want the red one so I am ordering today. :) It is better than the J.Crew coat! 



Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide // Husband/Boyfriend

Ya'll Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! I am so excited to eat! Thanksgiving meal is definitely my fav and is something I will eat as leftovers. I am not much of a leftovers fan, ask my husband lol, but I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers. Green bean casserole and corn casserole are my fav side dishes. What is yours? I am so thankful so finally have my husband home before 6 every night and on the weekends! Whew that outage was a long one. He is off for 5 days for Thanksgiving so I will definitely be getting in all the cuddle time I can.

Speaking of my hubby, I decided to do a husband/boyfriend gift guide because I had a lot of requests on what to get your husband/boyfriend. You would think shopping would be easy when it comes to men but it really can be a pain! I think I found some really great, personal items that would be a great gift for your man!

Just like the Best Friend gift guide I did last week, I will do a top 9 and go into details on those and then I will link additional items below so you can have more to browse. So enough chit chat and let's get shopping!

You can click on any the items below to shop! Also, don't forget to check out my other gift guides here.

1.) Personalized wallet- this is such a sleek wallet that can be personalized. LOVE!

2.) Personalized Golf Club Covers- I think these are great because it's something your husband/boyfriend wouldn't think about getting.

3.) Rayban Sunglasses- I love these sunglasses and so does my husband. Such a classic pair and on MAJOR sale!

4.) Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Earbuds- These are awesome and would be perfect if your man is a runner or gym rat.

5.) Wooden Personalized Docking Station- this! OMG what a great gift idea! I am definitely ordering my husband one. This is where your husband/boyfriend can place his watch, wallet, phone, etc. instead of throwing it everywhere else. Lol.

6.) Metal Wallet Engraved Card- I got this for my husband a few years ago for his birthday and he loved it. It's a nice reminder of how much you love him when he opens his wallet. You can personalize whatever you like.

7.) 6-Can Mini Retro Fridge- How cute is this? Perfect for an office or man cave!

8.) Kenneth Cole Sports Jacket- I believe every man should have at least one sports jacket in their closet. Another great gift idea that your man wouldn't purchase himself.

9.) Homecraft Beer Growler- So fun! If your man loves his beer, this is a perfect gift! He can  drink his favorite craft beer fresh from the tap, wherever his adventures may take him!