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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Back To School with Walmart


Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! Can ya'll believe it is already the end of July! Where did the summer go?! We have less than a month left until the boys go back to school. I am sad and happy at the same time. Lol. Since school is starting back very soon, we are slowly getting everything prepared so we aren't rushing at the last minute. I always do that and this year I can say I am ahead of the game because we have already began back to school shopping! Yay!


Walmart has not only been killing it in the women's department, but also the kids department. I was able to find so many cute and VERY affordable items for all three of my boys. They all are great quality and the boys love them so it's a definite win in this mama's book! I usually buy more "sporty" clothes, like basketball shorts, t shirts, etc., for my boys because they love to be comfortable but I found some really cute dressier options at Walmart that I just couldn't pass up! Best part, everything I am sharing from the kids department is on sale! The only item that I will be sharing that isn't in the kids department is my oldest son's shoes that are actually men's since he doesn't wear kids shoes any longer ::insert sad face::!

Lennox, 3 years old-size 4t

So first up is my baby :) Lennox's look is actually a set  from the Wonder Nation line, so the shorts and top come as one. It also comes with a another short and top set. You get two outfits for only $18 and you can actually mix and match and get 4 outfits for only $18! Can't beat it! Both outfits are so adorable and fit true to size. His shoes also come from Walmart and are the cutest ever! They are on sale for only $6! His adorable Lion King backpack is SO cute! I love it and it's under $10!

Grant, 8 years old-size 8

How cute is Grant's look?! Very Zac Efron, huh?! ;) Very relaxed but so cute! The Wonder Nation camo shorts he is wearing are pull on which makes them very comfortable for your little guy. They come in 5 others colors and prints, but I was drawn to the camo since he doesn't have pair. They are only $8 and run true to size. I paired the camo shorts with a just a basic black tee that comes in a set of two, so you get a black tee and a white tee. There are other color options as well. Both tees are only $4.75 for both and amazing quality. Super soft and a relaxed fit so they aren't stiff like some t shirts.  His shoes are the same as Lennox's only in the kid section and only and on sale $4! His back is a Marvel backpack and under $10!

Landon, 11 years old-size 10-12

Lastly is my little man ::again insert crying face::! He looks so dang handsome! Landon loved this outfit, which surprised me because it usually a basketball shorts, t shirt type of boy. These cargo shorts are so cute and I love how they are different from the normal khaki color. If you are not into colored shorts, they also come khaki. They run true to size and are a great fit! We paired it with just a basic white polo that comes in a pack of two (white and blue) and run true to size. These polos come in a pack of two for only $7.50 and are perfect if your kid needs them for school uniforms. His shoes are from the men section and are under $16. They run to true to size and a great casual shoe for boys and men! His backpack is the Outdoor brand, which is great for middle school kids and under $10! 

Well, friends I hope you enjoyed today's post. I know it's a little out of the norm ;) but I loved it! I have linked a few girl Back to School Walmart finds down below as well as a few more boy options. Enjoy the rest of your summer! 

This post was sponsored by Walmart, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.



Sunday, July 28, 2019

Summer Beauty Products with Walmart

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! I hope you have had a great summer so far. I am so excited to be partnering with Walmart again to share 3 beauty products that I have been absolutely loving this summer! These products are amazing and are totally high end beauty product quality.  Let's just say, I have been glowing, and so you will you! Oh, and these products are VERY affordable!

I love that Walmart has amazing makeup for all shades to personalized skin care in store and online. Best part about shopping online with Walmart is the free 2-day shipping with orders over $35 plus most items with 2-day shipping has free returns. My absolute favorite way to shop is order online and pick up in store that day! Now, let's get to my top 3 beauty products that I have been loving this summer!

Omg y'all! I LOVE this tanning mousse! I was shocked how pretty the color it gave my skin. It literally gives me a deep bronze color! I am very fair toned lately and this still gave me a beautiful glow. It goes on so smooth and not streaky at all! It doesn't come with a tanning mit, which I highly suggest using. What I also love about this tanning mousse is that it instantly gives you a glow without being too stark. You could totally put this on in the morning and wear throughout the day without looking like you have a lot of self tanner on. It does get darker the longer you keep it on. I kept mine on for 8 hours and then showered. I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE this product. It is definitely my new tanning mousse and the best part is it's only $11.54 online.

If you want to glow, honey, you will LOVE this highlighter. It is the prettiest color and glow. I wear this highlighter when I am tan only because it is more of a warm tone highlighter. The glow that this highlighter gives is seriously just as good as an expensive highlighter that I have. I always add a touch to my cheekbones, down my nose, and above my cupids bow on my lip. Since this is highlighter is so pigmented, a tiny bit goes a long way. This $8 highlighter will last you for a very long time and give you "just come from the beach" glow.

This loose translucent extra coverage face powder has been a must in my makeup routine this summer! Since we have had such a hot summer here in Iowa, this powder has been a huge help when keeping my makeup from sweating off and staying in place. I have loved this product for a very long time and I always compare it to a more expensive translucent powder that I have. After applying and blending my concealer I will then brush this face powder lightly over the concealer. I also lightly brush this all over my face to set it with a big fluffy brush. This doesn't leave a white residue, it's translucent so you won't be able to see that you put it on. It just helps set your makeup so stays on longer. This is a definite must in my summer makeup routine. 

Well friends, that's my top 3 beauty products that I am loving for summer with Walmart. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always, if you have any questions please DM me or email me! I also linked a few other beauty products that I own and love down below. 

This post was sponsored by Walmart, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own. 



Sunday, July 14, 2019

Amazon Prime Day // Target Day

Yay! Amazon Prime Day is finally here! I will updating this page all day and tomorrow with all the great deals!

Until then click here to shop the sale!!

I will also be sharing Target deals here as well!

Until then click here to shop the sale!!



Baby Items:






Under Armour (up to 40% off):

Adidas (up to 60% off): 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

It's FINALLY HERE! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open for card holders. It will be open on the 19th for the public and I promise I will keep you updated on restocks! :)

I have gone through the sale and picked my favorite from each category. I will be adding more items throughout the sale. Just click the picture to shop! ENJOY! 

Tall Boots:


{Flats,Mules, Sandals}








{Lounge Wear/Athleisure}








Hair care/Tools: