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Monday, July 31, 2017

Flawless Face

Hi babes!

Wasn't it just Friday?! Oh my word the weekends fly by these days! I cannot believe summer is almost over! AHH!! It has been so hot in Iowa this summer. Being from Southeast Missouri, I am used to this kind of heat, but my goodness, I am ready for fall! This weather brings me to what I am talking about on this "Makeover Monday."

I know you are probably thinking, "what does the weather have anything to do with beauty?!" Well, it has a lot to do with it! Have you ever been out in the heat with a "full face" and you can literally feel your makeup melting off? Btw, if you don't know what I mean when I say "full face" this is when I wear foundation, concealer, setting powder, bronzer, highlight, etc. The whole she-bang! Lol. If you have suffered from your makeup feeling like it is melting off when you are outside in the summer, I have found your saving grace!

BOOM! πŸ˜€

This foundation/concealer combo is going to become your new best friend! Since I was old enough to wear foundation, I have searched high and low for a foundation and concealer that has great coverage and lasts all day, even through these hot summer days. I have heard from numerous beauty/fashion bloggers how amazing  "Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay All Day" foundation is. I kept putting it off and just giving excuses on why not to purchase. Finally, I decided to give it a try and thought if I don't like it, I can just return. Well, I didn't have to because after the first day of wearing, I was in love!

Y'all, I am serious when I say this foundation is the best! It makes my face look flawless all day long! I hate having to touch up my foundation during the day, but with this product, I don't have to. It's just amazing! If you are looking for a new full coverage foundation, I highly recommend this one. It will change your makeup routine forever! πŸ˜Š

Another product I have to thank for a flawless face is my concealer. Again, I saw so many beauty/fashion bloggers and the Jaclyn Hill (my beauty idol) rave about this product..."Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer" Go ahead and look at the won't see many people saying bad things about it. This concealer was definitely a game changer for my makeup routine. It is my favorite product by far! After applying my foundation, I apply this under my eyes, down my nose, chin, and then blend with my damp beauty blender. When you use this, you will be disappointed you didn't try it sooner. I was!

As always, I am just giving my opinion on these products and they may not work well for others. I hope y'all have a great week and I will see you back here Wednesday for "Wear it Wednesday!"


Jen Miracle
Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites // Blushing

Friiii-day! I am so happy to see you again! 😌

First, I want to apologize for not having my "Wear it Wednesday" post this week. My little family and I are going through a really tough time in your lives so I have been putting all of my focus on our situation. I hope you all understand and please keep those prayers coming. You have no idea how much I appreciate all the support from you guys. πŸ˜—

On a happy note, I am back and here to give you my "Friday Favorites!" I am so excited about today's post! Mainly because it focuses around my absolute favorite color, PINK! The hottest color right now in fashion is the color, blush. I am dying over anything and everything in the color blush so much so that I am considering bringing some blush accents to my living room. My husband probably won't care for it too much, but since I decorate our home, I get the last say so! Hehe.

So today I bringing my home items in the color, blush. Let's go!

I am swoon with these 4 items and really want them in my living area.

1. DENY Designs Mathca Blush Five-Piece Gallery Wall Art Print Set:  These wall art prints from Nordstrom are be-u-ti-ful! They would look amazing in my living room since I already have turquoise accents.
Main Image - DENY Designs Matcha Blush Five-Piece Gallery Wall Art Print Set

2. Mainstays Velvet Decorative Pillow- I just can't with these throw pillows! They are blush, velvet, and under $10! These will definitely be joining my home! Velvet is another trend that is hot right
Mainstays Velvet Decorative Pillow, Grey

3. LALA + Bash Davis Blackout Window Panels- you cannot beat this price! These are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and such a steal! So gorgeous and you get two panels in each purchase! This is rare because window panels usually do not come in a pair.

Main Image - LALA + BASH Davis Blackout Window Panels

4. Xhilaration- Blush Long Faux Fur Throw- Blush and faux fur. Need I say more! This is a gorgeous throw and for under $20, you just cannot beat that! I have this weird obsession with throw blankets and have too many to count. I think I can add one more to the collection. What do you think?! Hehe.

Blush Long Faux Fur Throw - Xhilaration™. Image 1 of 2.
That is it for today, folks! I really hope you enjoyed and may bring some blush into your life. It is such a beautiful color and makes me happy every time I see this color. If you purchase any of these items, please feel free to share a pic in the comments below!

Have a fab weekend and I will see you back here on Monday for "Makeover Monday!"


Jen Miracle

Monday, July 24, 2017

Makeover Monday // Tanning Routine

Oh, Monday, how I loathe you...most of the time. Anyone feel like it was Friday like yesterday?! These high temps seem like they are slowly going away. Yay for that! I love summer but this 105 degree weather is for the birds. I just want to stay in the house all day! The pool isn't even fun when it's this hot! πŸ˜“

Ok, you guys didn't come here to listen to me complain about the weather...sorry! πŸ˜‰ For this "Makeover Monday," I thought I would bring you my self tanning routine with the products that I love-love-love! I was never a self tan type of person except the occasional spray tan and a user of Jergen's Natural Glow. I literally started using a self tanner this past year and I am so bummed that I didn't try it sooner.

I used to be a die hard tanning bed user...I know! So bad! I even have a tanning bed, but it has not been used in almost 3 years. I decided that it is very dangerous and I am getting older so the whole "tanning bed" look is not attractive. Sorry if this offends anyone,  but that is just my opinion.

So, let's get started! πŸ˜€

The first self tanner I ever used was Fake Bake Flawless. I did my research and found that this product had excellent reviews! I was a little skeptical at first because of the low price. You know the saying, "you get what ya pay for!" Well, after using my first time, I was blown away! It literally is flawless! No orange tone or streaks! It fades evenly and lasts anywhere from 3-7 days, depending on how often you shower. I use this one weekly.

Another self tanner that I looove is St. Tropez. It is more of a splurge but gives such a beautiful dark tan! I only use this for special occasions. Haha!

My routine for both products is simple but does require some steps.

1.) After the kiddos go to bed, I shower, shave, and exfoliate with a sugar scrub from Bath & Body Works or my St. Tropez scrub. This is a very important step because you want your tan to be evenly and last longer.
2.) Once I have shaved and exfoliated, I will make sure I am completely dry before applying the self tanner.
3.) Now it is time to apply the self tanner! Yay! Since this product is a spray bottle (yaaasss) I spray 4 times onto the mit that comes with the Fake Bake Flawless kit. I start with my legs and spread evenly on each leg going in a circular motion. This is very important that you blend, blend, blend!! I use about 4 sprays on each leg. The St. Tropez is a mousse, which is fab, and this requires pumps instead of sprays.
4.) Next, I will do step 3 on the rest of my body. I bet you are thinking, "How the heck do you apply to your back?!" Haha. Well,  I will either not tan my back or have my husband do it. In the colder months I will only tan my upper body, but in the summer I tan my entire body.
5.) Once I have tanned my entire body, I will rub the mit over my hands just give them a little color but not too much. Now that I am finished I will let it dry for about 5- 10 minutes before dressing so it doesn't rub the tanner off.
6.) Now it's bedtime! Lol. I let it set over night and rinse off in the shower the next morning. It does not rub off on your sheets so you do not have to worry about that. The longer it sets, the darker the tan will be.

That is it boys and girls! Super simple and easy for a flawless tan! Both self tanners will last 3-6 months depending on how often and how much you use. Can't beat that! Cheaper than a tanning bed and much safer! This is after my rinse off shower the next morning. I love how it gives me a great glow without looking "too dark or orange."

I hope y'all have a fabulous Monday and I will see you back here on Wednesday for "Wear it Wednesday!"


Jen Miracle
Friday, July 21, 2017

Splurge/Dupes // Mules

Happy FRI-YAY! I hope y'all are having a wonderful Friday so far! Any fun weekend plans? Not so much here. With the high temps, we will be lounging in the pool most of the weekend. 😎

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and to be very honest, I am sick of hearing myself talk about it. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ Seriously, I am, but you guys it is SO good this year. Today it opens for the public! YAY!

So, to celebrate I thought I would bring you my favorite purchase from the sale. Drum roll, please! πŸ’‚...these amazing embellished pearl mules from Steve Madden. I die! 😍 I just can't with these mules, you guys! They make me so happy and giddy!

If you haven't seen or heard about mules yet, you will before fall is over. They are going to be all the rage this fall! I have brought you a few splurge pair and the dupes version for those. I am obsessed with all of these!

Before starting, I do want to say that all three of the splurge mules are from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So, that means that they are on major sale right now! If see a pair you can't live without, now would be the time to purchase! Remember the Nsale is open to public today!

Okay, now let's get to why you came here in the first "Friday Favorites!"

                    Price: $59.90 (during the Nsale) $89.95 (after the Nsale)                                                                        I own these and absolutely adore them! They are so much better in person and really comfy.
      Dupe- Yoki Faux Pearl Slip-On
                  Price: $28.00
                  These look really comfy and the only difference would be that these do not have jewels, only pearls.

2.) Splurge- BP. Milo Loafer Mule
                      Price: $52.90 (during the Nsale) $79.95 (after the Nsale)
                      I LOVE anything blush colored. These are so beautiful and I love the silver detail.
       Dupe- Faux Leather Loafer Mule
                  Price: $22.90
                  Holy Moly! Are these not soo gorgeous! I honestly have to say, I love these more than the splurge pair and the price is AH-mazing! I am thinking these may belong to me this fall.

                              Price: $59.90 (during the Nsale) $89.95
                              You guys! I want these sooo bad! Are they not stunning? They also come in a different pattern, a bumble bee! Cute, cute!

        Dupe- Shoe Republic Loafer Mule
                   Price: $28.00
                   I know these are black instead of the rose color, but I think these are great dupe for the Steve Madden. The price is half, during the Nsale. Great alternative!

I hope y'all loved my first "Friday Favorites!" If you liked the splurge/dupe, please comment below and I can do more of those. I love seeing other options for the splurge items because those are more up my alley, budget wise. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you back here for "Makeover Monday!"


Jen Miracle

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hi and welcome to my very first "Wear it Wednesday" post!

Anyone else wishing it was fall?! Um, hello, this girl right here! I πŸ’– summer but these 100 degree temps are getting a little ridic! Iowa summer's are not usually this hot so I don't know what the heck is up with mother nature.  Get it together, girl! Any who, let's get back to dreaming it was fall so we could all have a nice pumpkin scent candle burning, a scary movie on the tv, a pumpkin spice latte in our hand, and oh yeah the best thing about fall...FALL CLOTHING!

Fall clothing is my absolute favorite! I just love being able to wear leggings, a simple tee, an oversized cardigan, and look so put together, yet sooo comfy. Anyone else feel the same?! Well, since fall weather is still a few months away, Nordstrom sure did get me in the mood. If you have never shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, you are missing out! Let me break it down for you like this...

So, Nordstrom gets the access to the new fall/winter items early, puts them on major sale, and gives us the chance to purchase! How cool is that?! If you are a card holder, like myself, you get early access to the sale before it goes live for the public. If you are going to have a credit card, I highly suggest it to be a Nordstrom card. They have the BEST customer service, you get points for every dollar you spend in return for money to spend at Nordstrom, and of course you get to shop the anniversary sale a week early. Also, I just found out that you can return items anytime! I have these two pairs of jeans that I ordered 3 months ago that are too big on me and Nordstrom will still give me a full return. I was like holy moly macaroni when I found this out! So, yeah Nordstrom is just awesome!

Ok, now on to the real reason you are here..."Wear it Wednesday!" Yay! I am so excited to share this fall look that I purchased from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It is all really affordable and the entire outfit is under $75! πŸ˜†

The whole she-bang!

BP. Lightweight Rib Stich Cardigan (Beige Oatmeal)

If you get one item from the sale, let it be this! This cardigan is one of my favorites from the Nsale. It sold out super quick last year so I was excited to snag this one and another in the color black. It says lightweight but you can definitely wear in the winter. It isn't as lightweight as I was expecting, which is even better in my opinion. There are a few other colors in this item as well. This color (beige oatmeal) is sold out right now, but hopefully they will restock in this color once the sale is open to the public.

Lush Raw Edge Side Slit Tee (White)
Size -XS

This tee is perrrrfect for all seasons. It can be worn in the summer with a pair of denim shorts or in the other seasons under a cardigan. What I like best about this is the price (under $16) and that it isn't see through. This item comes in multiple colors and is selling out fast! I ordered a few more in different colors.

BP. Classic Leggings
Size- S

Ok so I am not completely digging these leggings but for $11, I can't complain too much. You are probably thinking, "they are leggings, Jen, what can be so bad about them?!" There isn't anything wrong with them, they just don't have a stretchy waist band that I prefer in leggings. BUT, like I said for $11, I would recommend.

BP. Leopard Scarf

Give me all the leopard print stuff! This scarf was part of the Nsale last year and sold out super quick so I was sooo happy I got it! It is under $12 and is so soft, lightweight, and big! I like when my lightweight scarves are big so it is easier to wear and layer with my clothing. HIGHLY suggest this!

BP. Plaid Woolen Baseball Cap

If you know me, I have tons of baseball caps. I wear a baseball cap at least once, if not twice, a week. Being a mom of three young boys, I don't have time to fix my hair like I would like to, so I lean on my cute baseball caps to get me through the day. When I saw this one my jaw lit-er-ally dropped. Not even kidding! I knew it had to be mine. It screams fall and winter! I cannot wait to wear this in a few months.

Well folks there ya have it! My first "Wear it Wednesday!" I hope you enjoyed and are just as excited about smelling everything pumpkin in a few months. I may just bring out a pumpkin scented candle and watch a scary movie in this outfit until then. HAHA! Kidding...maybe! 😏

See you guys this Friday for my "Friday Favorites!"


Jen Miracle
Monday, July 17, 2017

Skincare Routine // Daily + Weekly

Happy Monday, babes! What a better way to start fresh this week than with a fresh face. Today I am taking you on whirlwind of a ride with my daily + weekly skincare routine. So, sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride! πŸš™

Everyday | So, have any of you experienced adult acne?! Well, I am right there with ya! πŸ‘ I seriously never experienced acne until last summer and let me tell you, it was the worst! Of course I would have  the occasional breakout, especially when it was that lovely time of the month. Ugh! πŸ˜’ I am embarrassed to say this but my skincare routine was barely anything until last summer. I would use my drugstore face scrub and that was about it. When that was no longer doing it's job, I did some research and tried a few products until I found a routine that worked best for me. That is the Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin System! I was shocked at how fast this product worked. My face was literally clear within a few days, no joke! There are three steps when using the system, but it does not take anymore time than your other daily routine.

First step is the Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam- I pump 2 pumps into my hand, lather, and use like any other face cleanser. Once I feel that I have cleaned my face well enough I will rinse and pat dry with a towel.
Second step is the Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion- you have to shake really well before using. After shaking, I will put a little amount on a cotton ball and rub over my entire face avoiding my eyes. If you have any breakouts, you may experience a burning sensation that will only last a few seconds. This means it's working! Haha.
Final step is the Acne Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment- the holy grail of this system! Once I let the clarifying lotion dry, I squeeze a dime size of the all-over clearing treatment on fingertip and rub over my face, again avoiding the eye area. I only do this step at night because if it is overused, it may dry out your face.

I do this routine day/night other than just using the third step at night. You will be amazed at how smooth, soft, and minimized your breakouts are on your face when you wake in the morning. YAY!

Being almost 30, that hurts to say, it is no fun experiencing acne. I should be using my anti-aging cream more than this stuff, but this is just what is working best for me at this time. Yes, I do use my anti-aging products, but that will be for a different blog post.

Weekly | Now that I have done my daily skincare routine, I will use my Glamglow's Youthmud Tinglexfoliate one to two times a week to give my face a beautiful glow. I am obsessed with this product and have used it for a couple of years now. It can be a bit pricey but if you only use once or twice a week, it will last you a while. A little will go a long way!

 I do this mask at night while taking a long bubble bath (if my kiddos let me take one, you momma's know what I am talking about! HA!) Make sure your face is clean and a little damp before applying. This is not a cleanser so you will want to leave this mask on until it turns like a grayish color. My husband and kids say I look like a monster when it dries! Haha. Once it is dry, you will rinse with warm water and pat dry. You will thank me after you feel how soft your face feels! 😁

Another product I use and talked about it my Instagram is the Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System. I purchased this last year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and so happy I did! I use this 3 times a week when my face needs a deep cleaning. Sounds like I am talking about cleaning an oven! Lol. But seriously, I love this product and it is currently on major sale @ Nordstrom! I highly recommend.

This system is different than what I was use to but it's easy to use once you understand how.

First you want to make sure your face is damp so the cleanser goes on better. Once you rub the cleanser on your face, you will use the face brush in a circular motion. This will help remove any dirt particles you have that a normal cleanser won't remove. This product claims it will cleanses the skin 6x better than hands and I believe it! After using the face scrubber, you will rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. That is it! How simple!

Are you dizzy yet from those step by step instructions on my skincare routine?! It may be a little overwhelming but I hope that I can help anyone out there looking for healthier, glowing face! These products may not work for everyone's skin type and work like they do for me. I am not expert and these are just my opinions. 😊

If you have any questions about any of the products, please just ask in the comments below! See you back here on Wednesday for "Wear it Wednesday!"


Jen Miracle
Saturday, July 15, 2017


Whew! Starting a blog can seriously be so fun yet so stressful! I started  this blog having zero experience and let me tell you, it for sure kicked my butt! πŸ˜‚ Finally, after many trial and errors, even though I will have many more of those to come with this blog, I now have it up and running! YAY! πŸ‘ Even though it is VERY basic right now. It will continue to grow.

For those of you wondering what in the heck made me want to start a blog?! Well, honestly I LOVE writing. I recently graduated from William Penn University, Go Statesmen!, and I kind of missed writing all those papers. πŸ˜• I know! You are probably thinking, "WTH! I hated writing those college papers!" At the time I did too, but now that I have graduated, I miss getting lost in a paper and expressing myself. Make better sense?! Hope so! πŸ˜‰ Another reason for starting this blog is that it gives me something I am doing solely for me! Being a mom of three young boys and a wife, I tend to get lost in their worlds and forget about mine. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I have learned the hard way, that you HAVE to do something for you or you will lose yourself. I in fact did this for a few years until recently.

Second question you may have is, "why in the world did you choose fashion, beauty, & lifestyle?! It is so saturated and everyone is doing it!" Yes, that is true, but it is something I truly love and can talk about for hours, so why not?! I love reading other bloggers with same the interests as me and I always find a new trend, beauty tip, workout routine, etc. So, that being said, I feel that there is always room in this "blogger world."

Third question, "What makes you so different from other fashion, beauty, & lifestyle bloggers?" I am not sure that I will or can be, but I am going to try my hardest to stand out and show you that not every FBL blogger is the same. I can tell you that I won't have a brand new outfit everyday to share or the newest items because let's get real, I have three small children and a small budget. I will have the occasional splurge items and most of my items will come from Nordstrom, which can be very affordable, which I will introduce you to those things that anyone can afford.

Fourth question, "What can I expect to see on your blog?" So, my plan right now is to blog 3 to 4 times a week. Monday being "Makeover Monday," Wednesday being "Wear it Wednesday," Friday being "Friday Favorites," and an occasional "Talk Tuesday/Thursday." I know so clichΓ© but hey, it's what most readers love to read about!

"Makeover Monday"- this will include my beauty tips/tricks. I will blog about a beauty item that I use, own, or want to own.

"Wear it Wednesday" - this post will feature an outfit that I currently own and love, where to purchase, prices, etc.

"Friday Favorites" - this will include items that I am currently loving and the hot new items in the fashion/beauty world. They may be things I own or items on my wish list.

"Talk Tuesday/Thursday" - this post will be occasional, unless you guys would like to see it every week. I will take a Tuesday or Thursday and blog about lifestyle topics. This may include workout routines, recipes, being a mom, being a wife, etc. If there is something you guys would want to see a me blog about, PLEASE feel free to ask! 😊

I think I have cleared up any questions you guys may have but please don't hesitate to ask any that I did not answer or you want to know. Just comment below or shoot me an email. This can be anything you want to know...well maybe not EVERYTHING! Lol.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram. The link in on the left hand side of blog.


Jen Miracle