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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Target Try On // Episode 3

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! It doesn't seem like it should be Thanksgiving already but it is here! I am ready to eat all the food. Ha! We are having a very small Thanksgiving with my mom and I love it! These are the best Thanksgivings when you can stay home, spend time with the ones you love, and wear your comfiest clothes. Oh and get to shop all the sales that are going on of course!

I asked ya'll last week which retailers you would like to see a try on come from and I had SO many request, but Old Navy and Target won by a landslide. I already uploaded the Old Navy try on and shared that with ya'll in my stories yesterday. I just added in the new try on with the Old, Old Navy try on from a few weeks ago. Old Navy is still having 50% off their entire site so definitely make sure to check that one out.

As of today, November 22, Target has a lot of their sweaters for only $10! Crazy! I knew this going in so I made sure to try on a variety of sweaters. For size reference, I wear a XS/S in tops and 25/0 in bottoms. As always, thank you for using my links and supporting me!

This was by far my fav and definitely came home with me. It is so comfy and long enough for leggings. 

LOVED this sweater! I am definitely ordering today. 

This sweater is so pretty! Love the color for winter. 

Obsessed with this sweater! Love the fit and how comfy it is. 

I wish this one was a little longer but still pretty. Love the scallop detail on the bottom. 

This sweater is so soft and love the sleeves. 

SUPER soft! Love the color for the holidays. 

Same sweater but in red. 

Obsessed! The sweater dress is so flattering and comfy and can we talk about this vest! 

I have found the prettiest holiday dress ever! So flattering! 

How CUTE are these pjs?! Love! 

The softest pullover ever. I love this one! 

Same pullover is navy.

Ok I am obsessed with this coat but they didn't have my size. I want the red one so I am ordering today. :) It is better than the J.Crew coat! 



Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide // Husband/Boyfriend

Ya'll Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! I am so excited to eat! Thanksgiving meal is definitely my fav and is something I will eat as leftovers. I am not much of a leftovers fan, ask my husband lol, but I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers. Green bean casserole and corn casserole are my fav side dishes. What is yours? I am so thankful so finally have my husband home before 6 every night and on the weekends! Whew that outage was a long one. He is off for 5 days for Thanksgiving so I will definitely be getting in all the cuddle time I can.

Speaking of my hubby, I decided to do a husband/boyfriend gift guide because I had a lot of requests on what to get your husband/boyfriend. You would think shopping would be easy when it comes to men but it really can be a pain! I think I found some really great, personal items that would be a great gift for your man!

Just like the Best Friend gift guide I did last week, I will do a top 9 and go into details on those and then I will link additional items below so you can have more to browse. So enough chit chat and let's get shopping!

You can click on any the items below to shop! Also, don't forget to check out my other gift guides here.

1.) Personalized wallet- this is such a sleek wallet that can be personalized. LOVE!

2.) Personalized Golf Club Covers- I think these are great because it's something your husband/boyfriend wouldn't think about getting.

3.) Rayban Sunglasses- I love these sunglasses and so does my husband. Such a classic pair and on MAJOR sale!

4.) Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Earbuds- These are awesome and would be perfect if your man is a runner or gym rat.

5.) Wooden Personalized Docking Station- this! OMG what a great gift idea! I am definitely ordering my husband one. This is where your husband/boyfriend can place his watch, wallet, phone, etc. instead of throwing it everywhere else. Lol.

6.) Metal Wallet Engraved Card- I got this for my husband a few years ago for his birthday and he loved it. It's a nice reminder of how much you love him when he opens his wallet. You can personalize whatever you like.

7.) 6-Can Mini Retro Fridge- How cute is this? Perfect for an office or man cave!

8.) Kenneth Cole Sports Jacket- I believe every man should have at least one sports jacket in their closet. Another great gift idea that your man wouldn't purchase himself.

9.) Homecraft Beer Growler- So fun! If your man loves his beer, this is a perfect gift! He can  drink his favorite craft beer fresh from the tap, wherever his adventures may take him! 



Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide // Best Friends

Friday is near, people! Yessss! I am so ready for the weekend because my husband will finally have a couple days off...we think! Keeping my fingers crossed! We don't have any big plans other than taking it easy and just spending quality family time together. I am SO ready!

For today's gift guide, I am dedicating it to my best friends especially my very best friend, Heather. She lives back home (Missouri), which is 7 hours away and I miss her so very much! I wish I could give her a big hug more than ever right now. I thought of her while creating this gift guide and I know she would love any of these gifts. I know I would! Lol. The past two gift guides I have only had 9 items, but for this gift guide, I chose a lot more as you can see below. I did choose my top 9 and I will explain those items more in detail below. :)

Some of the items are a splurge but my best friend is worth it and I am sure yours is as well. Don't forget about my guys gift guide and ladies gift guide!:)

1.) Best Friend Necklace- Love this! Show your appreciation for your closest friends with these interlocking circles symbolizing your everlasting bond.

2.) Tory Burch Card Case- Love the color and it's on sale!

3.) Barefoot Dreams Cardigan- This is a splurge but I have heard amazing things about this cardigan.

4.) Best Friend Coffee Mug- This is just adorable! Other prints available. 

5.) Ugg Slippers- How cute are these? I swear by Uggs! Super warm, comfy, and lasts forever!

6.) Tumblers- "Your're my Thelma to my Louise" This is just stinking adorable!

7.) Leopard Scarf- VERY affordable and so cute! I need!

8.) Soul Sister Bracelet- So dainty and pretty! Comes in other finishes.

9.) Martha Stewart Blanket- Everyone swears by this blanket. It's on major sale today!



Monday, November 12, 2018

Thanksgiving Looks // Ya Know, To Wear Around The Kitchen

Hey girls! Well it's that time again where we spend hours getting ready to walk around the kitchen! LOL. In all seriousness, I stop doing this once I had my third child. I'm lucky if I can actually look half way decent on Thanksgiving! HA! I used to get all dressed up for holidays but these days, I like to be as comfy as I can but still look cute. If you're the same way, you're in the right place! If you like to dress up, then you are still in the right place because I have a variety of items that will be SUPER cute on Thanksgiving.

If I am being honest, I forgot about doing this post for ya'll until yesterday. Time has been flying by and when I was looking at my planner, I noticed I forgot to write it down and that Thanksgiving is next week! I had to get this up in time for ya'll to shop and receive the clothes in time. I have everything from sweaters, cardigans, dresses, and skirts. Any of the tops would look cute with a pair of jeans or leggings that you already own.

I hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving and eats lots of yummy food! :)



Thursday, November 8, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide // Men

Happy Friiiiiiday! I am so happy to see the weekend is finally here even though I think the week flew by! We are preparing my oldest son's first overnight camping trip for tonight! EEK! We are getting snow and the temp is going to be around 15 degrees. Makes me nervous but he is so excited! :) Other than that we are going to be doing a lot of hanging around the house this weekend and patiently waiting for my husband to be done with this outage!

For this gift guide, I am focusing on those special men in your life. This can be your husband, boyfriend, dad, FIL, etc. It is a very broad gift guide just like my ladies gift I did on Wednesday. I will do more specific men's gift guides here in the next few weeks. Some of these items my husband has and or uses. The other items I know he would love just as much! Everything is under $100 with a majority of them under $50!

1.) Alfani Jack Cap Toe Boots- LOVE these! These would look great with a pair of jeans or dress pants.

2.) Monogram Watch Box- Love this as well! Such a great gift for those men in your life that have multiple watches.

3.) NutriBullet- If your husband, dad, etc. are anything like my husband and drinks a smoothie every morning for breakfast, this is a life saver and easy clean up!

4.) Kenneth Cole Reaction Watch- this watch is so nice especially for the price. Every man needs a great watch and I love the all sleek black look of this one.

5.) Tommy Hilfiger Coat- RUN to snag this one! It is originally $225 but on sale for $74.99! My husband has a similar Tommy Hilfiger coat and loves it. He has had it for a few years and it is still in excellent condition. Very well made! Comes in multiple colors.

6.) Slippers- These are the men's version of the slippers I shared in my women's gift guide. Definitely getting my husband a pair.

7.) Club Room Plush Robe- Men may think they are too manly for a cozy robe, but that's not how they really feel. Lol. My husband loves his robe and wears it after every shower.

8.) Libbey Beer Craft Brew 25 pc Assorted Beer Glasses- this is a great gift for those beer lovers in your life. Great quality and price!

9.) Jack Black Fresh Man Set- my husband loves this line and so do I! Great quality and smells amazing! I always get my husband a set or two for Christmas

As always, just click on the item below to shop! I hope ya'll enjoy.



Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide // Ladies

Happy Wednesday, friends! Can you believe Thanksgiving is officially two weeks from tomorrow?! Holy cow! This year is flying by! Since Thanksgiving is two weeks away, that means Christmas will be here soon! YAY! So, just like last year, I am going to share gift guides to help you shop for those special people in your life. Hopefully these gift guides will help your Christmas shopping go a little smoother! 😉

I asked ya'll a couple weeks ago if you would like to see gift tabs or gift guides and while gift tabs did win, I think I am going to stick with gift guides so I can be a little more specific and it's not so overwhelming. I am going to try and have at least 3 a week until the last week before Christmas. Don't hold me to that though because sometimes life happens. Lol.

For my first gift guide I am sharing 9 items that I think any lady would love. From a teenager all the way up to grandmothers. I wanted to start with a broad gift guide for those that are shopping early and can get an idea. I will be doing more specific gift guides for mothers, grandmothers, MIL, etc. later on. Everything is under $50 but a majority of everything is under $25! I try to think of items I own and love and items that my mom, best friend, MIL, etc. would love.

1.) Jade Roller- if you don't own one of these...get one now! Lol. Jade rollers are great to reduce puffiness and inflammation in the face. This one has great reviews and is super affordable.

2.) Yeti Coffee Mug- don't you hate it when your coffee gets cold! This Yeti coffee cup keeps your coffee hot for hours. This is perfect for those busy moms or teachers!

3.) Free People Scarf- this scarf is on the pricey side but I swear Free People scarves are the best! Ships free!

4.) Raw Sugar Bath Bombs- I love these! They are super affordable and smell amazing! Ships free!

5.) Anthroplogie Monogram Candle- I saw these in Anthropolgie last week and fell in love! Smell amazing and still can be used once all the wax is gone. The monogram detail makes a great accent piece in anyone's home or can be cleaned for makeup brush storage. Ships free!

6.) Chunky Knit Blanket- these blankets are selling like hot cakes! This is the only color available and is on sale for $25. Amazing reviews! Ships free!

7.) Chenille Robe- Need I say more! I am sure this is softer than a baby's bottom! Ships free!

8.) Slippers- Ya'll have seen me share these over and over because they are that good!

9.) Makeup Storage- I have this and love! Super affordable and great quality!

As always, just click on the item below to shop! I hope ya'll enjoy.


Friday, November 2, 2018

Old Navy Try On // Episode 2

Happy weekend, girlfriends! If you watched my stories a few days ago, I told ya'll that I did an Old Navy try on last weekend but was saving it for this weekend. Why was I saving it for this weekend you ask?! Well it's because they are having 50% off entire site! I don't know about you but I am definitely am! I tried to look for holiday looks for ya'll so I hope you enjoy! :)

Enough with the chit chat and let's get right into the try on session. For size referencing I wear a size 25/0 in bottoms and XS/S in tops! Also, thank you for using my links to shop. I do get commission when you do so and it's SO appreciated! To use my links, just click on the item below and it will take you directly to the item. From there if you checkout during that time, I will get commission. You can also choose the free pick up in store  option at checkout and I will get credit that way as well. These try on sessions are more work than it looks. Thank you again!

I also want to apologize on how dirty the mirror is! Next time I am taking windex! Lol. Also, some items that are linked above the picture may be a different color/print, but that color/print will be available. 

LOVE this sweater! Very comfy and cozy! These leggings are also amazing! Go up one size in the leggings. It will feel like you can't get them on but once they are they are amazing! 

This sweater is the perfect leggings sweater! I would order your normal size even though it looks oversized. 

Love this color for the holidays. It is a dark green. So pretty! 

This color! Gorgeous! Pastels colors are in this winter. 

The button is perfect for the holidays. If you want more of an oversized fit, I would size up. You could wear this multiple ways. 

How cute is this sherpa robe?! So comfy and cozy. Comes in two other colors. 

Same robe but with the cutest tee! It says VERY MERRY. So cute for Christmas.

LOVE this dress! PERFECT for the holidays. I left my leggings on so you could see what it would look like with black tights. So cute! 

This may be my fav look from the try on. I may look like a lumberjack but I'm ok with that! Lol. The black and red gingham print is available the picture about just shows a different print. I LOVE the jacket. It is fully lined in sherpa and I am obsessed! 

This is the top without the jacket. Super cute for the holidays! You could wear this with leggings, jeans, pants, skirt. The options are endless! Again, this print is available, the linked item is just a different print. 

Same top but paired with this adorable vest! Really love this vest! Would be cuter with boots or booties. 

Again, same top paired with a cozy cardigan. I like cuffing the sleeves for a little "pop!"

Here is the same top but different print. Love this for Thanksgiving! 

Same top with a vest. This look just screams cute, cozy Thanksgiving look! I would wear with denim but you could wear with leggings as well. 

Same top again :) paired with the a cardigan. Perfect Thanksgiving look as well! 

How Christmas-y is this tunic?! Soo cute and can be styled so many ways. I would pair this with a fun holiday skirt. 

Same top but paired with the gorgeous green cardigan. I know it looks black but it is green. 

This sweater is sooo cozy and soft. Unfortunately, this color isn't available online but I did link the same sweater that comes in 4 other colors.

Again, this color isn't available online but I linked the same sweater that comes in tons of other colors.Very comfy!

Do I really need to explain this cozy cute pullover! Obsessed! I would size up for an oversized fit. 

Same pullover, different color. It comes in 4 colors. 

Really like this cardigan but needed the petite sizing. Very comfy! Perfect for the holidays.

Same with the cardigan. Love it but needed a petite. 

Again, love this coat but definitely needed a petite. It swallowed me! Lol.

LOVE this jacket! It is a moto/sherpa jacket. What is better? I would size up one. 

Love these cute sweatshirts! The linked picture does look different but these prints are available once you click on the picture. 

That's all girlies! Hope you enjoyed! Again, I appreciate all of your support! Thank you SO much for shopping my links and trusting my opinions. :)