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Thursday, October 26, 2017

ROCKSBOX // Monthly Subscription

Hi dolls! Hope you all are having a great week and are excited about the weekend being in sight! My mom is visiting from Kentucky this weekend and staying til Wednesday. We haven't seen her since March so you could say we are really excited to see her! We have a lot planned and can't wait! What do you have planned?!

Before starting I want to share a referral code for you to try this monthly subscription FREE for one month! Just type in the code jenmiraclexoxo  at checkout. If you decide you don't like it, just cancel and you won't be charged a penny.

So, today I am going to talk about a company that I am collaborating with that I am LOVING! RocksBox! If you haven't heard of this company that's ok because I am going to break down who and what they are. RocksBox is a $21 monthly subscription that sends you three new pieces of jewelry to wear, try, and style however you like. What's even better is that they are amazing brands like Gorjana, Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, etc. so you definitely get your money's worth! Since you are just "trying" out the pieces, you cannot keep unless you decide you really like, then you can purchase! Oh and that $21 that you pay for the monthly subscription will turn into a credit towards a purchase! No joke! How awesome is that?! If you decide you don't like the pieces you receive, just box it up and send back for new pieces. Easy peasy! You can keep the items for as long as you like or return as much as you like for new pieces. Don't forget you are charged the $21 a month no matter how long you keep. If you want to learn more info, you can read more here on their FAQ page.

Now let me show what I received in my box!

First is this Gorjana layered necklace that I have been wearing everyday since I received. I think I am going to keep because I love it that much. You can find it here if you want to try it for your first Rocksbox.

The second and third items that I received are these pair of GORGEOUS earrings from Sophie Harper. I am obsessed with them and want to keep but not sure if my hubby would be happy! Lol. You can find them here and here if you want to add to your Rocksbox wish list.

If you are wondering how I received these items, it's actually really easy. You will create a wish list and they will send you items that you wished for. Before shipping, they will email you the items they are sending and you have option to switch one item for something different. It just keeps getting better and better with this monthly subscription, huh?! This is such a great subscription especially when you need a new piece of jewelry for an event or special occasion!

If you have any other questions, please just email me and I will get back with you ASAP! I love hearing from you all.


Jen Miracle

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

J.Crew Factory // 50% OFF EVERYTHING SALE!

Hi guys! Sorry things have been a little weird around the blog lately. I am taking some time to really think about what and where I am wanting this blog to go. Do I want to blog about beauty and fashion every week?! Ugh I don't know! I have been praying and I know God will lead me in the right direction so until then it may be a little whacky around here! If there is something you want to see me blog about, PLEASE just email me and let me know. I love hearing from you!

If you are like me, you love a good sale especially when it includes EVERYTHING and FREE SHIPPING! There is just something about that free shipping that gets me every time. I hate paying for shipping. Lol. Today one of my favorite retailers, J.Crew Factory is having 50% off everything and free shipping. I have rounded up my favorite picks to make it an easier shopping day for ya! I hope you enjoy and as always HAPPY SHOPPING!

Jen Miracle
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Abercrombie Sale // Fall/Winter Essentials

Hi loves! Sorry for the mix up of blog posts. I decided to try something different this week. Not sure how I am liking it so I may go back to my normal schedule. So, if you haven't heard by now, Abercrombie & Fitch is having a sale on some great fall/winter essentials. Plus, when you use code 11130, you get an additional 25% off your entire order! Can't beat it! I have picked out my favorites  items that can be worn for many fall/winter seasons to come. These items aren't going to go out of style so I would definitely stock up now if you are needing a little wardrobe makeover. Don't forget to use code 11130 at checkout!

Just click on the photo and it will take you to the direct link! Happy Shopping! 😁


Jen Miracle
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Get Your Glow On // Erno Laszlo

Good morning, babes! Sorry for the late post. I had a sick kiddo Sunday and today so I am just now getting around to writing this at 10 p.m. So, if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know I talked about the package a received from Influenster and Erno Laszo last week. It feels so good to finally start receiving influencer/blogger mail! :) So, yes this post is sponsored but like I have said before, I will not share items that I do not feel are worth sharing!

First things first, let's talk about what these two products are what they do. It is called the White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel and can be found here. This product is powered by a super-nutrient Vitamin C, that is a clarifying two-step peel that gently polishes skin as it fades dark spots and discoloration.
  • Vitamin C—the formula’s star multitasker—to reduce dark spots and dullness, lighten skin and jump-start collagen production.

  • Carrot seed oil to heal and balance dry or chapped skin, while helping fight age spots and sun damage.

  • Lactic acid to gently exfoliate skin so it’s properly prepped to absorb brightening, hydrating and healing nutrients.

The first step, which smells and looks like oranges, exfoliates the skin while step 2 activates brightening and moisturizing activates. Your skin will instantly feel newer and smoother. It also includes protective antioxidants and collagen-boosters that combine to refine and renew skin, such as age-defying actives and brightening ingredients.

Now on to my opinion and how I used! First off I want to say that I feel that I am an exfoliate expert, if there ever was such a thing, so I have had my fair share of exfoliate experience. I was excited to use this because of the smell! You can literally smell the Vitamin C! I made sure I had a clean face before starting, so zero makeup. I started with a small amount, which I advise because a little goes a long way, and started rubbing in a circular motion on my face. I did this for about 2-3 minutes. I then rinsed with warm water and I swear my face instantly felt softer and smoother than my little baby's bottom! Not joking! After pat drying, I took the second phase, dropped 2 drops in my palm and again, rubbed in a circular motion on my face. Make sure to leave on your face for about a minute before rinsing. Rinse your face again and pat dry! That's it! Easy peasy!

I seriously LOVE this product! This is by far the best exfoliate I have ever used. My skin didn't feel like it was getting ripped off while using like some exfoliantes and my face felt just as smooth the next morning. I would HIGHLY recommend if you are looking to brighten you skin. I am so pleased with this product. I can't wait to continue to use and see the changes in my dull skin.


Jen Miracle

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites // Fall/Winter Accessories

Happy Friday the 13th! I didn't even realize we were having a Friday the 13th this month until I went to flip over our little calendar this morning. I have to admit it made me a little giddy because we are having one in October! I love everything about Halloween except haunted houses, I don't do those! Lol. So, did anyone else wake up one morning and all of sudden it was officially fall weather?! Holy cow! So happy to finally feel that cool breeze hit my face and bring out my fall/winter accessories, which brings me to today's "Friday Favorites!"

I am HUGE scarf and beanie fanatic and have more than I should, just like my sunglasses. There is just something about being drawn to that gorgeous scarf or cute little pom on a beanie. I think I need to do a little purge on what I have so I can buy new this season. Anyone else agree?! Hehe. So until then, I figured I would bring you my favorite fall accessory list that I am swooning over. Maybe you can purchase and let me gawk over it until I finally give in and buy!

This beanie I actually have and love! I purchased last spring when it was on sale and so glad I did because it's back by popular demand this season! It's super lightweight so perfect for those cool fall days. Oh, and it's LEOPARD! Hello, my favorite color! 😉
Loving the colors and price this beanie offers! I chose the grey color because it's a great neutral that will go with everything. The burgundy and mustard colors are so gorgeous and perfect for fall! You can't beat the price for a cute beanie like this one!

If you are not into the beanie trend but still want to wear a hat on those bad hair days, I would suggest this wool hat that will have all eyes on you! These hats are such a huge trend in the fall/winter seasons, so you will definitely be able to wear for years to come.
Now on to my favorite fall/winter accessory...SCARVES! I love a great scarf that can warm you up or just complete your look for the day. I have way too many to count but I am going to share just a few of my favorite for the season. This blanket scarf is such a great staple to have in your closet. I am loving the soft colors and how it can be worn as a scarf or shawl. Win, win!

Another blanket scarf that I am swooning over is this one that is perfect for fall and winter because of the beautiful colors. I have one very similar to this one that I bought last year and can't wait to bring out again for this season. Best thing about this scarf is the price! Can't believe how inexpensive it is!

If you are not into blanket scarfs, I highly suggest this one. I purchased during the Nsale because it was all the rage last year and is going to be again this year. It is my favorite color, leopard, so it can dress up any look. It is super lightweight so you can wear this all day and not get hot while wearing.

There ya have it! My two favorite fall/winter accessories to dress up any look! All this scarf and hat talk is giving the itch to purchase more. "No, Jen, you do not need anymore." Say it again, "no, Jen, you do not need anymore!" Lol. I hope you have a great Friday the 13th and weekend!


Jen Miracle
Monday, October 9, 2017

Old Navy Sale // My Top Picks

Happy Monday, friends!! Today is I am doing something a little different. Old Navy is having such a great sale today that I had to share! Most items, not all, are eligible for an extra 35% off and an additional 10% off with code "sale" at checkout. I have picked out my favorites to share with you that are 35% off plus an additional 10% off with code "sale."

Happy Shopping! :)









Jen Miracle
Friday, October 6, 2017

Pumpkin Spice and Chill // DIY PSL

Fri-yaaayyy! So happy to see you again! What do you like to do on Friday nights? Since I am a momma of 3, my Friday night usually consist of pizza night and a little Netflix and chill. I wouldn't want it any other way. If you have the same kind of Friday night as me, instead of Netflix and chilling, maybe you could try Pumpkin Spice and chilling. Huh, huh?! 😉 I'm sure you are like, "what are you talking about?!" Well, if you are a basic girl like myself and love PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) from Starbucks, I have found a great recipe to try at home!

So for today's "Friday Favorites" I decided to share this amazing PSL recipe that my mom sent me and had to try! I was honestly shocked at how much I loved it...maybe even more (dare I say) than Starbucks! 🙊 It is sooo much cheaper , you don't have to fight the crowd or wait in the car line for 20 minutes, and you can have all year round. So without further ado, let's get right to!

Ingredients: (note this is for one PSL)
1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin spice
2 teaspoon of pumpkin
2 tablespoon of sugar
2 tablespoon of vanilla
2 cups milk
2 shots of espresso
1/2 teaspoon of pepper

First, turn your stovetop to medium heat and add a medium-sized pot to the burner. Once the pot heats up, take your 1/2 tsp of pumpkin spice and lightly toast it in the pan for a few seconds, while you stir continuously so it doesn't burn. Once the pumpkin spice is toasted, add in the 2 tsp of pumpkin and continue to cook for three minutes. The pumpkin should darken as it cooks; once it darkens, add in the 2 tbsp of sugar and mix well with a whisk. Now add in your 2 tbsp of vanilla and of 1/2 tsp pepper. You are almost there! Now add in the 2 cups of milk very slowly, while mixing very well. Once you have blended well, add in the 2 shots of espresso. Pour in your favorite coffee mug, add whipped cream, a sprinkle of pumpkin spice, and Voila! You have just made a PSL right from your kitchen! How easy was that!?

If you want to make more to last through the day, I would just recommend doubling the ingredient list. I only made one serving but I know doubling the list would work. I know this was a little different  from my usual"Friday Favorites" but this was my favorite item of the week so I had to share! If you would like to see more recipes in the future just let me know! :) Have a great weekend!


Jen Miracle

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wear it Wednesday // Sweater Weather

Hello friends!! So excited to see Wednesday is here because that just means we are closer to the weekend. Can you tell I love the weekends?! Ha! I don't know about you but I am still curious as to why Mother Nature is so mad! Like it is still really warm here in Iowa, which is unusual. We have had a few cool fall-like days but the past two have been hot! For those of you that are already experiencing those cooler days, you will be happy about today's post! Today for "Wear it Wednesday" I am talking all things "sweater weather"...sweaters! Duh! 😉

I don't know about you but ever since I became an adult, I have LOVED wearing sweaters. It's like wearing a blanket all day, unlike when I was a kid and my mom dressed me in those itchy turtleneck sweaters! Yuck! Hehe. Since trends change every year, sweaters seem to stay the same with a little but of a twist. Today I am bringing you the hottest, not literally, sweater trend for this season! I promise they won't be those itchy, ugly turtlenecks! 😉

My FAVORITE sweater trend is of course the oversized sweaters. Who doesn't like a sweater that feels like you are wrapped in a blanket, wearing pjs, and that you can basically pair with anything. This oversized sweater is perfect for those cool, fall days and can be a great layering piece in the winter. You could pair this with leggings, jeans, over a dress, skirt, etc. So many options for this sweater that is under $20!

Nothing like a good wine! No, I'm not talking about what I drink when my kids are driving me up the wall 😉 I'm talking about the number 1 fall color, AKA burgundy. This color is so beautiful and I think that it looks fantastic on everyone. If you don't have a wine colored item in your closet yet, let it be this gorgeous sweater from H&M. The color is not only stunning, it is chunky and has these amazing braid details at the top. Best part is that it is under $30! Such a steal for this sweater!

Ruffles are not just for your baby girl. Adult women can rock them too! Ruffles are all the rage this year and of course we are seeing them on sweaters. I love how designers are incorporating them into the sleeves, front, and back of the sweater. I am bringing you one that is a little different and is on major sale right now so I would run to snag this one! It is a fine knit pullover sweater with ruffle details at the shoulders, which I have yet to see until now. It comes in 3 beautiful colors that are sure to get you in the fall spirit.

I know I have talked about this trend before and even dedicated an entire blog post about it, but did you really think that would be the end? Hehe. VELVET! Instead of velvet I am bringing you a chenille sweater which basically is and looks the same as velvet. Not only is this sweater a hot trend, is also comes in one of hottest colors for fall...mustard. I love the detailing on this one and I think you need asap! You won't be disappointed with this choice. Oh and it's under $23! You're welcome!

Last sweater trend I am going to talk about is of course the beloved cardigan. I seriously have too many but I am always buying more. Who am I kidding?! You can never have too many cardis!Cardigans should be in every single person's or woman! You can dress them up or down and the best is you can wear leggings with them and not worry about your behind showing! Hehe. Since there are so many cardigan options out there I figured I would bring you my favorite type...the fine knit cardigan. Now this cardigan is super lightweight so it won't keep you warm like a chunky cardigan but you can wear this one year round. If you are wanting to wear during the colder months, you can easily layer with a sweater. I have bought mine from H&M for years and they hold up so well considering the low price. I chose this camo one to share with you because camo is so in right now! This cardigan is flying off the shelf as it should because it's super cute and under $13! Again, I would run to snag because it won't be in stock long!

Well there ya have it folks! My favorite sweater trends this season and I hope they become yours too. I hope you all have a great hump day and I will see you back here for "Friday Favorites!"


Jen Miracle

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Motivation Monday // Healthier Me, Healthier You

Before starting this blog post, I just want to say that I have been praying non-stop for the atrocity that happened in Las Vegas on Sunday night. I did not feel right posting yesterday like nothing happened so I put my phone down and hugged my babies tighter than I ever have. I have been terrified to send them to school, I have even followed the bus to school the past two days just to make sure they made it safely. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to know my children are being raised in a world of hate. I have no words other than this has to stop and begins with our children. If you there is one thing you do right in this world, raise your children to love not hate. These are learned behaviors that CAN be stopped!

Now on to positive vibes and to get this day started. For my usual "Monday Makeover" I always talk about beauty but I thought I would try something different..."Motivation Monday!" Not everyone is into beauty like I am and that is totally okay! I want to have a wide variety of readers so I thought I would mix it up. For today's "Motivation Monday" I am going to talk about my struggle with my weight and how I am making a healthier change for a healthier me!

I have never been overweight, but my weight has been up and down since high school. I don't think there has been one time in my life where I have been happy with my body. Even when I was at scary low of 94 pounds, which is underweight for my height. Ever since having kids, which I have had 3 within the past 9 years, I have tried to look better after every child. I'm not sure why it's just something I thrived for. I remember after having my second child, I worked my ass off, literally, to look my best yet. This resulted in me looking frail and family/friends commenting how I was way too skinny and looked sick. At the time, I thought they were just crazy because I didn't see what they saw. Now looking back at pictures, I see what they were talking about. Did I have an eating disorder? No, but I think I had a problem with working out too much, which resulted in losing weight like crazy.

Now after having my third child, I am not happy with where I am but I am going to get there. I have been eating like crap and not exercising at all. I remember as soon as I had my first two children, I had a strict diet and exercised everyday as soon as I was released to do so. I lost the pounds SO fast, but not so much with this kiddo. Even though I did lose all the baby weight, this summer I got super lazy and starting eating like it was my last meal (did you see my instastory this past weekend of eating Mickey D's lol)  I haven't committed to my exercise routine, but that is all about to change. I am tired of not being happy with the way I look and feeling so groggy, so I am making a change. No, I am not going to get back to 94 pounds because I don't want to look like that, I just want to be happy in my own skin and actually feel energized.

I started my favorite workout routine, Zumba, and I forgot how much I love doing this! I am just sticking to a 45-60 minute classes, not two hours, like I used to. For all you ladies and gents out there that are tired of not feeling your best, let's make a change today! Even if that means just walking for 30 minutes a day! That will make a huge difference. Throw that junk away that's in your pantry and fill it with colorful food such as fruits and veggies. WE CAN DO THIS! You are not alone. I believe every woman is beautiful especially when she is comfortable in her own skin. This post is not about making everyone look like a runway model but to just be a healthier you!  Even though bloggers like myself look like we are so comfortable in our own skin and don't have a worry in the world, that is far from the truth. Everyone struggles and like the next "Joe" walking down the street. Let's do this together! I would love to hear from you and what you want change to a new and healthier you! I need all the motivation I can get!

I have linked a few athleisure wear outfits that can always motivate us, right?!


Jen Miracle