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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wear it Wednesday // Denim Jackets

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!! This week is flying by and I know they say not to wish your time away but I am so ready for the weekend! We are going to the Harlem Globetrotters on Saturday for my son's 10th birthday, so he is excited to say the least! I am also just ready for warmer weather! The temp this morning is 15 degrees but the feel is 0! Where the heck is the spring weather? Oh yeah, Iowa doesn't get a spring! ::insert eye roll:: I am just ready to bring out my cute spring clothes! Who's with me?!

Since it is still cold out I can't wear the items I want to wear this spring so I have to adjust. Just because it is still cold doesn't mean I can't bring out the floral prints, bright and pastel colors.So if you live somewhere cold like I do, you can totally still look "springy" (is that a word, HA!) but warm enough for this cold weather. One item I cannot live without is my denim jacket! This is such a HUGE closet staple because you can literally wear year round! I recently bought a new one because it was on MAJOR sale and I was obsessed with the style. It is a light wash, distressed, and under $25 so I had to have!

Now if you own a denim jacket, you know there are endless ways to wear, but for those of you that don't, let me do a quick roundup of how you can style a denim jacket. In the spring, I love to wear mine with leggings, dresses, skirts, and white denim. I am not much of a denim on denim person (except chambray and denim) so I don't wear mine with denim. This is totally my opinion and you can, I just don't care for that look. Wanting to wear that cute spring dress that you have been dying to wear for months but it's too cold? No worries! Throw that denim jacket over it, and you're all set! Same goes with skirts!

Same options go for the summer but add in pairing it with a pair of white denim shorts is the cutest look! Fall and winter is a little trickier but can totally be done. I believe in white after labor day so you can continue to pair your denim jacket with your favorite white denim and sweater. Leggings are my jam especially in the fall, so you will see me pairing my leggings and denim jacket a lot in the fall! Such an easy look to throw together without looking like a hot mess!

I hope this helped you get an idea on how to style a denim jacket. I have linked a few denim jacket options that are all very affordable and will last you for years to come, including my new one! I hope y'all have a wondering Wednesday! Happy shopping!


Jen Miracle