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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wear it Wednesday // Boys Fall Clothing

Happy Wednesday, friends! I cannot believe it is almost HALLOWEEN! I am super excited about Halloween because I have a super cute idea for my hubby and I! Stay tuned! With Halloween comes the cooler weather, which means I had to get my boys some fall/winter clothes. I swear my boys grow like weeds! I know you mama's feel me on this!

I have received tons of messages asking where I shop for my boys clothing. TBH, my two oldest will only wear Nike and Jordan so their clothing is pretty boring! Lol. My youngest is only two so I still like to dress him super cute so I figured with the new season, I would do a blog post on where I love to shop for him.

Retailers have really stepped up their boy clothing game over the past few years. With my first child, I swear it was so hard finding cute clothes for him or when I did it was outrageously expensive! Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. A few of my favorite affordable retailers has super cute clothes for boys.

When shopping for my youngest, I try to keep it comfy cute. I want him to be comfortable since he is two and is all over the place, but still cute as a button. I usually stock him up on about 6 pair of comfy sweatpants/joggers, 2-3 pair of pull on jeans, and 2 pair of dress pants. I do go overboard with the tops so I won't even tell you how many I buy lol let's just say it's a lot! I also buy him 2-3 pair of shoes. I buy one really good pair of sneakers, usually converse, and two pair of cute shoes from Target or Old Navy. I like to change his shoes depending on the outfit.

Here are some items that I have recently purchased and or going to purchase! Remember this key is comfortable but still cute! ;) Hope this helps you mama's get an idea!