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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide // Best Friends

Friday is near, people! Yessss! I am so ready for the weekend because my husband will finally have a couple days off...we think! Keeping my fingers crossed! We don't have any big plans other than taking it easy and just spending quality family time together. I am SO ready!

For today's gift guide, I am dedicating it to my best friends especially my very best friend, Heather. She lives back home (Missouri), which is 7 hours away and I miss her so very much! I wish I could give her a big hug more than ever right now. I thought of her while creating this gift guide and I know she would love any of these gifts. I know I would! Lol. The past two gift guides I have only had 9 items, but for this gift guide, I chose a lot more as you can see below. I did choose my top 9 and I will explain those items more in detail below. :)

Some of the items are a splurge but my best friend is worth it and I am sure yours is as well. Don't forget about my guys gift guide and ladies gift guide!:)

1.) Best Friend Necklace- Love this! Show your appreciation for your closest friends with these interlocking circles symbolizing your everlasting bond.

2.) Tory Burch Card Case- Love the color and it's on sale!

3.) Barefoot Dreams Cardigan- This is a splurge but I have heard amazing things about this cardigan.

4.) Best Friend Coffee Mug- This is just adorable! Other prints available. 

5.) Ugg Slippers- How cute are these? I swear by Uggs! Super warm, comfy, and lasts forever!

6.) Tumblers- "Your're my Thelma to my Louise" This is just stinking adorable!

7.) Leopard Scarf- VERY affordable and so cute! I need!

8.) Soul Sister Bracelet- So dainty and pretty! Comes in other finishes.

9.) Martha Stewart Blanket- Everyone swears by this blanket. It's on major sale today!