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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Hey there, hi there! So, just a quick update on my herniated is getting better, y'all! Yay! I am still having to take it really slow but it's not like a severe constant pain. Still going to the chiropractor 3x times a week but it is sooo worth it. He is amazing! I am more than ready to be myself again because I have gained quite a bit of weight from this and I am ready to work these extra pounds off!

Now on to "Wear it Wednesday!" Before I became an aspiring blogger, I say aspiring because I am still so new and learning, I always thought, "where are these women going dressed so on point!" Well, truth is, a lot of times they are just wearing the outfit for their blog and will change once they are done shooting. I cannot speak for all bloggers, but I know that when I post a pic of me wearing an outfit or a flatlay, I will probably change into my daily "momiform!" Y'all I live, breathe, and die for a pair of leggings and a basic tee. That's what brings me to today's post..."momiforms!" I thought I would share a few "momiforms" that YOU can make look so on point while being extremely comfy.

I thought I would share just a few "momiforms" that I love and explain how I make them look more than a tee and leggings.

I love a good black tee!...but when I pair it with leggings, I like to add something to it so it doesn't look like I am robbing a bank. With this outfit, I just put on a leopard scarf so it wasn't too much black going on. You could wear this alone in the spring/summer or with a cute jacket/cardi in the fall/winter.

 Another way I dressed this black tee is with this oatmeal colored cardi. I loooove cardigans and basically live in them in the fall/winter. This is such an easy look but you still look put together. Pair it with some simple jewelry and you are set to go.

 Nothing is better than a basic white tee. I tied this one in a knot to give it a little bit more edge than just a frumpy tee paired with leggings. So comfy!

If you know me, you know I own tons of baseball caps. They are so helpful on rainy or bad hair days. It's hard to see but this one says ,"wrk it." I just love it and it dresses up this basic look!

 If I see anything striped, I am buying! I have SO many striped tops it is just a bit ridic! When all of your leggings are dirty, happens to me all the time, it's time to get out those
comfy skinnies and pair it with a good top. Love this look!

I hope these outfit inspo's help you momma's out there that are looking for simple and comfy outfits ideas. If you have any questions about any of these looks, please feel free to comment below or shoot me a quick e-mail. See you back here on Friday for "Friday Favorites!"  


Jen Miracle