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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back to School // Boys Fashion

Hi guys and gals! This week is a little different than usual because it is BACK TO SCHOOL week in this household. So to celebrate, I want to let my kiddos take over my blog...kinda! 😉 I planned on having a "Makeover Monday" but we have been SO busy getting ready for the first day of school, which is TODAY! I cannot believe I have a fourth and first grader! 😮 What the what?! For today's "Wear it Wednesday," I wanted to share where I shop for my boys clothing and how I like to dress them. Yes, I still pick out every.single.outfit my boys wear. Don't judge! 😉

For starters, I am huge believer in sales and good deals! Especially when it comes to clothing my boys because they will eventually have stains and rips. I cannot count how many times my boys come home from school with a rip in their pants. They are some rough and tough boys! 😌 So enough talking about rips and stains and let's get to talking about how I score awesome clothes for a steal!

Since my boys are WAY into sports, they are in athletic wear about 95% of the time. This is totally ok with me because it's easy to choose outfits and they are comfortable. A majority of their clothing is Nike, Under Armour, and ADIDAS. I really like these brands because they hold up so well and can be worn the following year if you purchase a little bigger than usual. You may thinking, "those brands can be expensive for children's clothing!" and yes it can be but I am here to help you find deals on them. For instance, yesterday I found a pair of Nike shorts for my oldest on Nordstrom for $28.00, but thanks to Nordstrom's price match I got them for $19.00 because Champs was having a sale on them. I ordered from Nordstrom because it's always free shipping and I get points for every purchase.

I hardly ever purchase my boys clothing from Nordstrom unless it is a good deal or I can price match an item...but Nordstrom Rack will be your BEST FRIEND when it comes to your children's clothing. OMG I just LOVE their prices. They have a lot of options in their athletic department for children and it is so affordable. They usually have Nike shirts for like $10! Seriously! Luckily, I have a Nordstrom Rack close by but if you are not as lucky, don't fret because you can shop online through They don't have everything that you will find in a store but you can still find really great options.

Another place that I love to shop for athletic wear is Kohls. Unfortunately, you cannot use coupons like you used to be able to on Nike, Under Armour, or ADIDAS. This was not always the case. I loved being able to use my 30% off coupon on those brands. You could get a pair of sneakers for SO cheap. I haven't given up on them yet because a lot of times, they have a great clearance rack with those brands. So make sure to check those clearance racks! Last weekend, I was able to get 3 Nike shirts and a pair of shorts for $40. To me that is a steal because they are items that will be worn next year as well. I always size up so they can wear for more than a few months.

I could talk about the deals I get for my kiddos all day long but then you may get bored! So, if you have any questions about where else I shop, please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail. As always these are my opinions and what works for me may not work for everyone.

Jen Miracle