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Monday, September 25, 2017

New Mascara Review // L'Oréal "Lash Paradise"

Hi babes! I am not sure how it is already Monday...again, but it is! My boys don't have school today so the plans for today is to enjoy the warm weather and binge the new season of "Fuller House." Anyone else watch this show? We LOVE it!  Anywho, I posted a picture of the new mascara "Lash Paradise" by L'Oréal on my instastories a couple weeks ago. I got a lot of questions about it so I figured I would just write a blog post giving my opinion.

I am going to be honest, the first time I wore it I was not impressed. I was disappointed because I had heard such great things about it from other beauty bloggers. I decided to keep using and now I actually LOVE it! I think it may just been a "bad eyelash day" the first time I used it. So, if you do purchase don't get down if you aren't loving it the first time you use.

Before applying my mascara, I always start with the L'Oréal primer, that I swear by and is on major sale for $4.99! It is the holy grail of my mascara routine. I can't believe it took me so long to use eyelash primer. It will make your eyelashes fuller and longer. Not sure how but it does! I usually put on 3 coats of mascara but I found with the "Lash Paradise" you only need 2 coats. I don't recommend putting on your bottom lashes only because it is a thick mascara. That's another thing, if you aren't into your eyelashes looking full, this isn't the mascara for you.

On the left I am wearing the "L'Oréal "Lash Paradise" and on the right I am wearing my favorite high end brand, "Stila "Huge Extreme," which I have loved for a long time. Oh and I swear I am using the same eyeshadow! I just have horrible lighting in my house for pics. Moving on, I do see a difference. I believe the  "L'Oréal "Lash Paradise"  seems to give me more length but it did leave some on my eyelid. The "Stila "Huge Extreme," doesn't look as "clumpy " as the "L'Oréal "Lash Paradise" What's your opinion? I love them both and sense the Lash Paradise is much cheaper, I think I may stick with it for awhile.

I have to say that I will continue to buy L'Oréal's "Lash Paradise" because I really do think it is a great mascara especially for the price! I love how it gives my eyelashes that "false eyelash" look with how full it makes them look. I may have just found a mascara to replace my favorite high end!


Jen Miracle