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Monday, September 11, 2017

Good morning and Happy Monday, loves! For today's "Makeover Monday" I want to talk all about brightening your undereye, especially on this Monday! If you are like me, you suffer from dark circles and I have 3 little boys I like to thank for them 😉. Since I suffer from dark circles, I have done my fair share of searching high and low for the perfect concealer and brightner. I think I have FINALLY found what works for me and hopefully for you, too.

The first step I do after priming but before applying my foundation is covering my dark circles with Benefit's Erase Paste. Side note: If you search for Erase Paste, it will now be called Boi-ing. This product does exactly what it claims in it's name...erases! When I apply these on my hideous dark circles, it's like I am literally erasing them. Since this is a "paste" it is going to be heavy so I make sure to really blend with my damp beauty blender. It is important to do this because it can give off that "cakey" look and no one wants that!

After blending the Erase Paste and applying my foundation, I like to apply my absolute favvvvvorite beauty product that I cannot live without...Tarte's Shape Tape This product is the holy grail of beauty products. It is loved by so many beauty bloggers and once you use, you will know why! It has an applicator that is like a lip gloss wand, which is so helpful when applying. I like to make a triangle shape under my eye when applying. This technique will brighten up your face and will draw attention to those pretty eyes of yours. After making the triangle under each eye, I blend with my damp beauty blender just like I did with the Erase Paste.

Now that I have concealed and brightened my eyes, I like to set it with other favorite beauty product, Laura Mercier's Translucent Powder. This is a very important step because it will ensure that your undereye makeup stays all day and trust me, it will! Some people will "bake" their undereye, which is when you take your sponge, dip it into a generous amount of powder and pack it under your eye. It will look like you lost a fight with a bag of flour, HA!, but after a couple of minutes you can wipe off the access with a brush. I have never tried this only because I try and keep my makeup routine under 15 minutes. I usually just tap my Sigma Tapered Blending Brush into the translucent powder and apply to my undereye.

And when I feel that I still need a little brightening, I like to apply Becca's Champagne Pop, in the corner of my eyes for a little extra POP! Who doesn't love a little extra POP in their makeup routine! I hope you guys enjoyed today's "Makeover Monday" and you have a bright Monday! Get it! 😉


Jen Miracle
Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to try the setting powder trick!! I hate when my makeup melts off. - Chantelle

Jen Miracle said...

It is a life saver! Definitely give it a try! :)