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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Motivation Monday // Healthier Me, Healthier You

Before starting this blog post, I just want to say that I have been praying non-stop for the atrocity that happened in Las Vegas on Sunday night. I did not feel right posting yesterday like nothing happened so I put my phone down and hugged my babies tighter than I ever have. I have been terrified to send them to school, I have even followed the bus to school the past two days just to make sure they made it safely. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to know my children are being raised in a world of hate. I have no words other than this has to stop and begins with our children. If you there is one thing you do right in this world, raise your children to love not hate. These are learned behaviors that CAN be stopped!

Now on to positive vibes and to get this day started. For my usual "Monday Makeover" I always talk about beauty but I thought I would try something different..."Motivation Monday!" Not everyone is into beauty like I am and that is totally okay! I want to have a wide variety of readers so I thought I would mix it up. For today's "Motivation Monday" I am going to talk about my struggle with my weight and how I am making a healthier change for a healthier me!

I have never been overweight, but my weight has been up and down since high school. I don't think there has been one time in my life where I have been happy with my body. Even when I was at scary low of 94 pounds, which is underweight for my height. Ever since having kids, which I have had 3 within the past 9 years, I have tried to look better after every child. I'm not sure why it's just something I thrived for. I remember after having my second child, I worked my ass off, literally, to look my best yet. This resulted in me looking frail and family/friends commenting how I was way too skinny and looked sick. At the time, I thought they were just crazy because I didn't see what they saw. Now looking back at pictures, I see what they were talking about. Did I have an eating disorder? No, but I think I had a problem with working out too much, which resulted in losing weight like crazy.

Now after having my third child, I am not happy with where I am but I am going to get there. I have been eating like crap and not exercising at all. I remember as soon as I had my first two children, I had a strict diet and exercised everyday as soon as I was released to do so. I lost the pounds SO fast, but not so much with this kiddo. Even though I did lose all the baby weight, this summer I got super lazy and starting eating like it was my last meal (did you see my instastory this past weekend of eating Mickey D's lol)  I haven't committed to my exercise routine, but that is all about to change. I am tired of not being happy with the way I look and feeling so groggy, so I am making a change. No, I am not going to get back to 94 pounds because I don't want to look like that, I just want to be happy in my own skin and actually feel energized.

I started my favorite workout routine, Zumba, and I forgot how much I love doing this! I am just sticking to a 45-60 minute classes, not two hours, like I used to. For all you ladies and gents out there that are tired of not feeling your best, let's make a change today! Even if that means just walking for 30 minutes a day! That will make a huge difference. Throw that junk away that's in your pantry and fill it with colorful food such as fruits and veggies. WE CAN DO THIS! You are not alone. I believe every woman is beautiful especially when she is comfortable in her own skin. This post is not about making everyone look like a runway model but to just be a healthier you!  Even though bloggers like myself look like we are so comfortable in our own skin and don't have a worry in the world, that is far from the truth. Everyone struggles and like the next "Joe" walking down the street. Let's do this together! I would love to hear from you and what you want change to a new and healthier you! I need all the motivation I can get!

I have linked a few athleisure wear outfits that can always motivate us, right?!


Jen Miracle