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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wear it Wednesday // Sweater Weather

Hello friends!! So excited to see Wednesday is here because that just means we are closer to the weekend. Can you tell I love the weekends?! Ha! I don't know about you but I am still curious as to why Mother Nature is so mad! Like it is still really warm here in Iowa, which is unusual. We have had a few cool fall-like days but the past two have been hot! For those of you that are already experiencing those cooler days, you will be happy about today's post! Today for "Wear it Wednesday" I am talking all things "sweater weather"...sweaters! Duh! 😉

I don't know about you but ever since I became an adult, I have LOVED wearing sweaters. It's like wearing a blanket all day, unlike when I was a kid and my mom dressed me in those itchy turtleneck sweaters! Yuck! Hehe. Since trends change every year, sweaters seem to stay the same with a little but of a twist. Today I am bringing you the hottest, not literally, sweater trend for this season! I promise they won't be those itchy, ugly turtlenecks! 😉

My FAVORITE sweater trend is of course the oversized sweaters. Who doesn't like a sweater that feels like you are wrapped in a blanket, wearing pjs, and that you can basically pair with anything. This oversized sweater is perfect for those cool, fall days and can be a great layering piece in the winter. You could pair this with leggings, jeans, over a dress, skirt, etc. So many options for this sweater that is under $20!

Nothing like a good wine! No, I'm not talking about what I drink when my kids are driving me up the wall 😉 I'm talking about the number 1 fall color, AKA burgundy. This color is so beautiful and I think that it looks fantastic on everyone. If you don't have a wine colored item in your closet yet, let it be this gorgeous sweater from H&M. The color is not only stunning, it is chunky and has these amazing braid details at the top. Best part is that it is under $30! Such a steal for this sweater!

Ruffles are not just for your baby girl. Adult women can rock them too! Ruffles are all the rage this year and of course we are seeing them on sweaters. I love how designers are incorporating them into the sleeves, front, and back of the sweater. I am bringing you one that is a little different and is on major sale right now so I would run to snag this one! It is a fine knit pullover sweater with ruffle details at the shoulders, which I have yet to see until now. It comes in 3 beautiful colors that are sure to get you in the fall spirit.

I know I have talked about this trend before and even dedicated an entire blog post about it, but did you really think that would be the end? Hehe. VELVET! Instead of velvet I am bringing you a chenille sweater which basically is and looks the same as velvet. Not only is this sweater a hot trend, is also comes in one of hottest colors for fall...mustard. I love the detailing on this one and I think you need asap! You won't be disappointed with this choice. Oh and it's under $23! You're welcome!

Last sweater trend I am going to talk about is of course the beloved cardigan. I seriously have too many but I am always buying more. Who am I kidding?! You can never have too many cardis!Cardigans should be in every single person's or woman! You can dress them up or down and the best is you can wear leggings with them and not worry about your behind showing! Hehe. Since there are so many cardigan options out there I figured I would bring you my favorite type...the fine knit cardigan. Now this cardigan is super lightweight so it won't keep you warm like a chunky cardigan but you can wear this one year round. If you are wanting to wear during the colder months, you can easily layer with a sweater. I have bought mine from H&M for years and they hold up so well considering the low price. I chose this camo one to share with you because camo is so in right now! This cardigan is flying off the shelf as it should because it's super cute and under $13! Again, I would run to snag because it won't be in stock long!

Well there ya have it folks! My favorite sweater trends this season and I hope they become yours too. I hope you all have a great hump day and I will see you back here for "Friday Favorites!"


Jen Miracle