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Monday, November 13, 2017

BIG NEWS!!! / How to use Like to Know it

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend?! Mine was very relaxing. Hallmark channel was on the tv all weekend and I'm not ashamed one bit! Last Friday I received VERY EXCITING news! I was accepted into the Reward Style program! This was one of my goals when I started my blog and I am happy to say I have achieved it. I wanted to wait til I reached 2k followers on Instagram and once I did, I applied and was accepted. I am over the moon with joy about this because this is program is hard to get into.

If you are not familiar with Reward Style, I am here to help. It is a program for influencers like myself that will make it easier for our followers to shop our posts on Instagram or on our blog. For you it will be called Like to Know it or LKT, when you see me say, "shop my latest look here on the Like to Know it app. Now if you don't know how to use LTK, I am now going to explain how to use!

So, first you need to sign up in order to shop my looks. It is SUPER easy! You can download the app or follow this link to sign up. All you need is your name and email! That's it! Totally free! There is also a "how to use" video on the bottom of the page to help you understand better if you are visual learner like myself.

You signed up, so now what?! Yay so excited for you! So every time you like my Instagram photo or screenshot it, that has a LTK link, you will receive an email with the shoppable links that will bring you directly to everything I linked! The email will have photos of the items linked so you just click which item you’re interested in and it will send you directly to the retailer. If I post an item that is sold out, I will do my best to link very similar items. Not into emails, well the app is even better when it comes to shopping my looks.

If you decide to download the app instead, every time you “like” one of my photos you can shop everything from the app, instead of waiting for an email. All of your “likes” will be in one section that makes it easier to keep track of all of the items! You can also screenshot a LTK photo and shop within seconds! When you screenshot my photo, you will receive an instant LTK notification that will take you right to my shoppable look.

That's it, y'all! SUPER EASY! I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the support! You guys are the BEST! If you have any other questions about how to use LTK, just send me a quick email or DM on Instagram. I will also have my looks on my blog to make it easier to shop very soon!


Jen Miracle