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Monday, November 6, 2017

Erno Laszlo Glow// Update

Hi friends! I am back for Monday Makeover! Yay! So, first how was your weekend? Mine was SUPER busy but productive. I actually picked up a new hobby that I will be sharing very soon so be on the lookout for that. I know it is has been awhile since I did a Monday Makeover post and I apologize. I am going to be more productive on these posts, maybe not every week but at least twice a month. I may post more just depends on if I find a new product I am loving and I feel that I need to share.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Erno Laszlo's glow mask that I received in my "blogger mail" as I like to call it. In the post I gave you the deets on the products and how to use. I barely went into how I was liking it and well let me tell you I. LOVE. IT! It is the BEST exfoliant I have ever used and I have used a lot in my life. What I love most about this product is the longevity of it. 24 hours later and my face still feels smooth as a baby's bottom.

If you suffer from dry skin like me, especially during the winter months, this needs to be your go to exfoliant. Don't have dry skin? That's ok, this product can be used by any skin type! Yes, it may be a little pricey but I am telling you your skin will be glowing like J.Lo's! I use twice a week and it looks like I have barely used any. A little goes a long way with this product. Oh, and did I tell you it smells like oranges and is a good exfoliant for your lips! Yes! I use it on my lips as well.

If there is one beauty product you are wanting to splurge on let it be this. You have to start with healthy skin before moving on to makeup. The most expensive makeup can't make your face look fresh if you don't have healthy skin. You can find the skin routine here.


Jen Miracle