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Monday, January 22, 2018

BBG Week #2 // Update

Hey there guys and gals! I cannot believe another week has come and gone and that January is almost behind us. Where does the time go?! Last Monday I told you guys that I would give you a weekly update on how the BBG program is going. So, here I am, ready to give you the deets on my first week and my thoughts on it.

The first day, Monday, was leg day, need I say more! ::insert sick emoji:: Lord have mercy was it tough! I didn't realize how tough it really was going to be. I have never in my life felt like vomiting during a workout but I did during this one. BTW, I am not telling you this to scare you, but to tell you how GOOD this workout really is. I better have buns of steel after doing this! HA!

Second day was much better because with this program you alternate resistance and cardio. Cardio is right up my alley because it what I have always normally done for my workout routine. Since I was so sore from leg day, I just walked for the 35 minutes of cardio. This gave my legs some rest time and not to exceed it. I also did a challenge that day, which was 300 reps of legs, arms, and abs. I really enjoyed the challenge because it hit all three areas and only took 11 minutes.

On the third day it was time for arms and abs. LOVED this 28 minute routine because I have always loved ab exercises. This one was tough but not as tough as the leg workout. My arms did feel like jello but wasn't too sore the next day. I can tell this day is going to be fav of the week!

The fourth day was another cardio day. Since I was gone shopping for 3 hours that day, I just counted that as my cardio. Shopping is cardio, right!? Lol. This was a great time to let my abs, arms, and legs recover.

Now this is where I started to slip. Friday was supposed to be full body workout, but since my in laws were coming to visit for the weekend I had to prepare. I was really busy this day cleaning, grocery shopping, etc., so I still got in cardio time, but I didn't do the full body workout. Whoops!

Saturday was another cardio day, which I got in because it was such a busy day. I just counted this as my cardio. What I like about this app is that it keeps track of your steps, so I can see at the end of the day how many miles I got in for the day.

Sunday was rest day but I had planned on doing the full body workout. Yeah, that didn't happen because I was so exhausted from the weekend that I just rested. I feel bad because I did miss a day this week and it's only my first week! I need to manage my time better so I can get the workouts in.

Overall, I am really enjoying the BBG program. What I love so much about it is that you hit those resistance days so hard that the following day you can take it easy by just getting those 35 minutes of cardio in. This gives your legs, abs, and arms, time to recover. I have also been drinking lemon water which really helps me stay hydrated and gives me the energy I need. I highly suggest this program to anyone who is looking to get a 30 minute workout in that really works and that you can do from home.

See you next Monday where I will check in and let you know how this week goes with different exercises.


Jen Miracle