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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wear it Wednesday // Spring Booties

Happy Hump Day, babes! I cannot believe it is already the middle of March! Where does the time go?! We had such a great, long weekend! My two oldest were on spring break from Friday-Tuesday, we celebrated my youngest son's 2nd birthday, the boys had their last basketball game, and my in-laws visited. It was a very busy weekend but so much fun!

Is it me or does it still feel like winter outside?! I thought with daylight savings time came the spring-like weather?! HA! I wish! I don't think we really get a spring here in Iowa ::insert eye roll:: Since it is still colder than I would like, it is so hard to dress for spring! I want to bring out my sandals and cute dresses. I know I am not the only one! Since I cannot do that, I guess I can bring out my cute spring booties. No, I don't mean my behind because trust me, no one wants to see that! Lol. I am talking about shoes!

Booties aren't just for fall. Nope, they can also be worn in the spring. I talked about this a few blog posts back. It's a way to be able to put those OTK (over the knee) boots and snow boots away, but still have warmth on your feet. For me, I think perforated booties are perfect for spring because they are still warm enough for the cooler spring days, but don't exactly look like winter boots. You know what I'm saying! HA! Booties can be hard to find since a lot of retailers think to only bring them out during the colder months. Have no fear because I have rounded up some cute options and the best part is most of them are only $20 today! YAAAS! 

I decided to put a few other bootie options in the mix as well that are still spring appropriate! As always, just click on the picture to shop! Happy Shopping, loves!


Jen Miracle