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Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello June // New Month, New Goals

Happy June, friends! Can you believe it is already June!? I swear the older you get the time just flies by! Being a mama, this makes me really sad but excited to see my boys grow into young men. We are  officially on summer break and loving every minute of it! Does anyone feel like they can get more accomplished in the summer? I do so that is why I have set a few goals for myself this month and would love for you to join me on setting your own goals!

I don't want to overload myself with goals so I am just setting a few that are easy and manageable. So here we go...

  1. Put my phone away and spend more time with my family. I feel that I am already ahead of the game on this one so it should be easy. Since my boys have been on summer vacation for a week now, you may have noticed that I have not been on IG stories as much. I have been soaking in all the time I can with them because soon they are not going to hang out with their old ma'!
  2. Start eating healthier and being more active. I know this goal is so cliche', trust me I get it, but it is so much easier for me to eat healthier and exercise in the summer. Fresh veggies, grilled chicken, walks outdoors, etc. just makes it easier. I just need to pass by the snack aisle at the grocery store and head for the produce more often! 
  3. Hit 10K on IG! I am SO close, like on 40 followers away and I am hoping to hit that goal by Saturday night! Once I have 10k followers I will have the swipe up feature so it will be easier to shop my looks! 
  4. Write more blog posts! This one is a huge for me because I remember when I first started blogging last July, I wrote 3 posts a week! I want to start doing that again but I need some ideas from you guys. What would you like to see on the blog? Let a girl know!
  5. Last one, stepping out of my comfort zone and start doing more "photo shoots." I have been better at these lately but I still struggle because I feel silly even though I may not look like it in my photos. These types of photos, minus the mirror selfies which do amazing lol, perform so well! I promise I am going to start doing more to give you more inspo. 
Well friends those are my goals for the month of June. I hope they inspire you to set a few goals for yourself. I am such a goal setter and I know for a fact they work! Remember set small goals to achieve a bigger one!