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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 // Explanation

Hi friends! I cannot believe that it already the end of June! Where does the time go?! We have been so super busy with basketball camps, boy scout camps, and baseball tournaments that summer is just getting away from us. Makes me sad to think that I am going to blink and school is going to start again for the boys. Knowing that July is near also has me excited because one of my absolute favorite sales is right around the corner..the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE! 

Last week I did a couple of polls on my Instagram stories asking if you knew what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was. This answer was about 50/50. I also asked if you did know, do you shop during the sale? I believe most everyone said yes! YAY! So for those of you that are not familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you are at the right place to learn and get just as excited as I am for this sale! For those of you that are familiar with the sale, I am hoping I can answer questions that you may have or get a better understanding of how it works because it can be confusing. Without further ado, let's dive in!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the biggest sale that Nordstrom has all least in my opinion. This is when Nordstrom reveals their BRAND NEW 2018 fall/winter items for a MAJOR discount! So if you are needing a new pair of booties for the fall, this is the time to purchase because once the sale is over, prices will go back to their original prices. They will also have new summer pieces, so if you are not wanting to purchase fall/winter items just yet, you will get a chance to add to your summer wardrobe with a major discount! You will not need a promo code or anything to get the prices. They will be marked at the sale price.

Now you are probably thinking, when the heck does this amazing sale happen?! Well, here are some important dates to add to your calendar.


July 12th-19th, 2018 12:01 am PST: Early Access for Nordstrom Cardholders (I will explain this more in a sec)
July 20th, 2018 12:01 am PST: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public
August 5th, 2018 11:50 pm PST: The sale ends and items return to their original (full) prices

Early Access: What is it and how can I gain it?!

If you are not familiar with the sale, I am sure you are confused about the early access part. I was a few years ago when I started shopping the sale. If you are a Nordstrom retail card holder, you get to shop the sale early (an entire week) before it opens to the public. This is HUGE because items sale out FAST. I am talking within hours! If you are wanting a certain item (I will be sharing items that are going to be part of the sale on stories once I receive my catalog) I would highly suggest signing up for the retail card. I have the retail card and love it because you get points every time you make a purchase. Once you have a certain amount of points, you will receive a "note" which is free money to spend at Nordstrom. If you are new card holder and get approved, you will receive a $40 note after your first purchase. More money to shop the sale! You can sign up for the card here. 

If you do not have the retail card or don't want to sign up, you will get access to the sale when it opens to the public on July 20th. Even though you can't purchase items til the 20th, you will be able to browse items during the early access sale. This would be a great time to write down what you want and keep an eye out for items going out of stock.

How do I shop?! 

Now to the part that makes me feel uncomfortable but I do need to address. I will only get commission if you purchase through my links during the sale. If you go directly to, I will not get credit for your purchase. This goes for any of your favorite bloggers. It takes a lot of work and time to put these blog posts together so we so appreciate it when ya'll shop through our links. Don't worry, I will be on this sale like white on rice! Since I will have early access, I will have everything linked before you even get up on July 12th. I will have a blog post dedicated to my picks on July 12th and swipe ups on Instagram. I got you covered, girlfriend. I have started a tab on the blog dedicated to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because it's that important!

I believe I have addressed the major points when it comes to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but if you have any questions, please DM on Instagram or email me.