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Monday, January 21, 2019


Happy Monday, friends! It is yet again Monday but that just means it's almost the end of January and that much closer to spring and summer! I don't know about you but I am so ready for winter to be over. We have so much snow and with these negative temps, it's not going anywhere, ::insert crying face::! Last Monday I wrote the DIY Easy Barn Door Tutorial and ya'll loved it! That makes me SO happy and excited to share more home content with you. I have written down all the ideas ya'll gave me in my IG stories.

I have been searching for simple farmhouse curtains for my living room but I just could not spend over $100 on curtains that looked that simple. Finally I just went to Pinterest and searched DIY farmhouse curtains and came across the best easiest and cheapest DIY curtains that were also so pretty. I was a little hesitant because of what the curtains actually were but I decided to go ahead and recreate them. I am soooo pleased with how they turned out and you won't believe what I used!

This highly anticipated tutorial is a lot easier than last week's because it literally takes 10 minutes and my 10 year old could do it. ;) I told ya'll about it a couple weeks ago and had so many DM's guessing how and what I was doing. A lot of ya'll were close but no one guessed it 100% correct. I did tell ya'll that I was making DIY farmhouse curtains and even showed you one item I was using to create them. I am so excited to finally share this super easy tutorial and hope you enjoy! The only thing I didn't do was get pictures of the process :( because I was so excited to get them up. I promise you won't need pictures to do it because it is that easy!

Ok now I am going to share what I used, DRUM ROLL PLEASE...twin size white flat sheets! Yes, you read that correctly! I used $6 sheets to create simple farmhouse curtains. You're probably thinking what my husband did, "WTH?" but I promise it looks so much better than you think. There is no sewing involved because I used drapery rings to clip and hang the sheets. Told you, it's that easy! I will give the step by step tutorial down below.

MATERIALS: For one window.

  1. 2- Arctic white twin size flat sheets. (I ordered mine because they are hard to find it can find them here.
  2. 1- Pack of drapery rings- for one window you will need 14. These come in a set of 30 for only $10! 
  3. I bought new pipe curtain rods found here. I LOVE them! You can use your existing ones. 

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: (IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure your curtain rod is high enough because the sheets will drag the floor. You can see in my picture above.) 
  1. Once you receive your sheets, you can wash and dry or just dry to get the wrinkles out. I didn't wash but did put in the dryer. I then steamed them to get more of the wrinkles out. Not all of the wrinkles came out but after a few days of them hanging, they will. 
  2. After you have dried your sheets, lay one sheet flat on the floor and begin clipping your drapery rings at the very top. I put one on each end and clipped them throughout the middle. I used 7 drapery rings per sheet. 
  3. Once you have clipped all 7 drapery rings on your first sheet, lay your second sheet on top of the one sheet with the drapery rings. I did this to see exactly where I clipped the drapery rings on the first one. Now clip 7 drapery rings on the second sheet. 
  4. From here, you will just slide the sheets with drapery rings onto your curtain rod. Separate the sheets once they are on the rod. 
  5. THAT'S IT! You can fluff them out how you like. 
I know these aren't going to be everyone's style and that's totally ok! I love them and that's all that matters. I do want to point out that yes I have three boys and I am sure these white "curtains" will get dirty easily, but remember they are sheets and can be washed many times. :) I have linked everything I used above including other items in my picture.  I hope ya'll enjoyed! 


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