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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men

Ya'll voted and I listened! I asked what Valentine's Gift Guide you wanted to see first, for your man or your BFF/yourself ;), and ya'll voted for your man! Don't worry though because the BFF/yourself Valentine's Gift Guide will be coming next week! If you're wondering, "what do you mean for yourself?" Well, you single ladies deserve to be spoiled on Valentine's Day, too, so why not spoil yourself! ;)

When it comes to Valentine's Day, my husband and I don't go all out! It is usually something small and thoughtful. Flowers and chocolate for me and I am a happy girl! I know some will think flowers are a waste of money, which I sorta agree, but flowers from the grocery store that are $10 are my favorite. My husband used to go all out with the flower arrangements and I told him that I was just as happy with flowers from the grocery store. It's not about the flowers, it's about the thought, right?! At least for me! Oh, and don't forget the chocolate! ;)

My husband could care less if I bought him anything for Valentine's Day but I still do. Like I said, I don't go all out. It's usually something small that he needs, but wouldn't purchase for himself. When creating this gift guide, I took that into consideration, but I did include some "bigger" items for those of you that do go all out for Valentine's Day.

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