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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Galentines Gift Ideas

Hey girl hey! We finally made it to February! ::insert praise hands:: Is it me or has the first 6 days of February gone by faster than the entire month of January?! Lol. Since it is already February 6th, we are very close to Valentine's Day. I feel that this holiday is very controversial because there are people that love it and others who hate it! There isn't a right or wrong answer to this because I feel like I am in the middle when it comes to this holiday. I love it because I love, love, but also don't see why I need a day to remind my loved ones that I love them. Shouldn't we so that every day? Just my thoughts. :)

I haven't been single on Valentine's Day in a very long time since Michael and I have been together for almost 13 years, but I remember when I was a few friends and I just spoiled one another. It was so fun! I would still do this to this day if my BFF's weren't so far away :( I also want to point out if you are single, honey live it up! Do not be sad on Valentine's Day! You don't need someone to show you love because you already are loved by your family and friends so enjoy that day with them! ;)

So last week I did a gift guide on Valentine gift ideas for you man. Ya'll loved it and I think you're going to love this one even more, at least I do! Ha! Whether your single and want to spoil yourself or your girlfriends or taken but still want to spoil your BFF, this gift guide is ah-mazing! I LOVE this gift guide and want every single thing!

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