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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Shopbop Sale

Hello, hello and Happy Monday! Who else watched the Oscars last night?! Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performace...all the heart eyes! I wish those two would just be together already! Sorry, Irina! ;) They just have amazing chemistry!

Any who, today is the first day of a big sale for designer items. The SHOPBOP sale! This only happens twice a year and most of these items never go on sale, so this is the perfect time to purchase if you have been eyeing something. Now here is the have to spend $200+ in order to get the discount. I know that seems like a lot, but if you have been wanting a new handbag, sandals, etc. now is the time to buy.

I didn't link too many clothing items because let's be honest, I don't splurge on clothing often. I think a good pair of jeans and shorts is about as far as I go when splurging on clothing items. Now when it comes to shoes and handbags, I will definitely splurge because they are items I will have and use a lot. So a majority of the items I have linked are shoes and bags with a few clothing pieces and accessories.

Use code EVENT19 to get 20% off orders under $500 or 25% off over $500!


Jen Miracle